How to Create an Astrological Chart

  • The sun is normally denoted as a fiddling lap with a scatter in the in-between. Look for the sun symbol on your chart, and then check to see which house and sign it appears in. You can use that information to learn more about what the sun represents – your self and personality. The ascendant on your graph is marked by an “ AC. ” It represents which sign was rising over the eastern horizon at the exact time and place of your parentage. In general, the sign in which your ascendant appears will dictate how you view the world and how the universe views you. The slice of your chart where the ascendant appears is besides called the first house. Look for a short number 1 devour near the middle of the chart in the ascendant wedge. On your chart, the moon symbol looks like a little crescent moon. As with the sun and ascendant symbols, look for the house and sign the moonlight appears in. Where your daydream appears can tell you about your feelings, intuition, and unconscious mind. Each house represents and/or controls something about your life, from relationships to careers. once you know what each house represents, you can begin to look at them for aid in understanding different aspects of your biography.

    Around the out ring of your chart, you ’ ll see fiddling glyph representing each of the major zodiac signs. Each gestural will correspond to a single house. To find out which zodiac rules which house, find the glyph on the out ring, then follow that wedge down to the concentrate of the set. There should be a number there, telling you which family you ’ re in. The planets are represented in the houses of your chart with symbols. Like the zodiac glyph, you ’ ll need to look up the symbols online, so that you know which planets are where on your chart. Enter “ astrological chart planet glyph ” into your darling research locomotive. once you have the basics of what the houses and symbols on your chart map, you can begin to read your graph. Keep in mind as you do that there is a LOT going on in every person ’ s graph, and no single house or symbol represents all of you.

    8 Hire a professional to help you read your chart. If you ’ ra touch overwhelmed by your chart, you can hire an adept astrologer to help you. They have enough of experience reading and interpret charts for their clients. You can besides look for books from reputable astrologers like Liz Greene and Robert Hand to help with your interpretations .

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