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As a drug user and owner of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you must know your drug user credentials :
This subject describes two distinctive cases in which you need to change your account settings and then update your user credentials in the install product to match the new history settings. Updating your exploiter credentials ensures that you don ’ t need to uninstall and reinstall the product .
You want to merge two intersection subscriptions that you purchased with the same account at a different time so that the subscriptions have the lapp refilling date .
In this case, each subscription is associated with a different serial number. You must beginning go to Your Account page, and then associate both subscriptions with one of the serial numbers. Second, you must edit the drug user credentials in the intersection that now has an disused series number.

step 1 : Go to Your Account page by signing in on, and then click Merge in the Product Status area. On the Subscriptions page, select the subscriptions that you want to merge. Proceed to the Confirm selection page, and choose the series number that you want to keep .
step 2 : Start the version of CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT that now has an disused serial number. Click Tools Options, and in the Global number of categories, suction stop User Credentials. future, cluck Edit Credentials, and in the dialogue box, type the serial act that you chose in tone 1 .
You have two accounts associated with unlike e-mail addresses, and you want to merge the two accounts .
first, you must call Corel Support Services to merge the accounts for you, and then you must update your electronic mail address through the product.

step 1 : contact Corel Support Services with a request to merge the two accounts for you. You will be asked to provide an active electronic mail address for your blend account. If you have subscriptions or upgrade Programs in each history, they are associated with different series numbers so you need to choose one of the serial numbers .
mistreat 2 : Start the adaptation of CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT that is now associated with an disused account and e-mail cover. Click Tools Options, and in the Global list of categories, suction stop User Credentials. Click Edit Credentials, and in the dialogue box that appears, type the e-mail address that you chose for your incorporate account. Type your password. If necessary, type the consecutive numeral that you chose in step 1 .

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not all cortege components documented in this help are available in our Trial, Academic, and OEM versions. unavailable components may include Corel applications, intersection features, third-party utilities, and extra message files .

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