Kinesiology Degree

What Does It Look Like To Study Kinesiology at Concordia?

Studying Kinesiology is an important step toward a career of helping others, and the course of study is geared for students who want to make a deviation in people ’ randomness lives. Our goal is to help students gain detailed cognition that will help them become competent professionals. While courses are challenging, they are besides extremely concern, focusing on both technical foul information and hardheaded application .

Program Overview

A Kinesiology major will prepare you for a variety of fields related to sports and exert skill. Common career paths include :

  • Teaching and coaching
  • Personal training
  • Graduate programs ranging from physical therapy to sport management

Our courses prepare students to enter Kinesiology careers like coaching, athletic train and personal train upon gradation, pending certificate. Students matter to in graduate education will be well-prepared and have the prerequisite courses for a variety show of programs related to exercise skill .
Program Sheet

Curriculum Overview for a Kinesiology Degree

The Kinesiology broadcast prepares students to care for people in a wide variety of ways. Whether pursuing forcible therapy school or a career in coaching, students learn in hands-on environments with small classes to facilitate deeper eruditeness of the material .
Students gain hands-on experience through internship opportunities with Austin-area master sports teams, physical therapy clinics and local senior high school schools. They take classes such as Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Biomechanics, which teaches students an intricate understand of the human body .
Students participate in a variety show of lab in which they drill on classmates as they would in physical therapy or athletic education settings. Guest speakers patronize classes within the Kinesiology major, discussing the hardheaded aspects and challenges of their careers to help prepare students for real-world know .
here are some highlight courses :
Motor Development and Learning: This course is an initiation to the theories of motive learning and skills learning .
Coaching Team Sports: In this course, students will gain an in-depth agreement of rules and strategies of a variety of sports. They not only gain the technical cognition, but besides learn from guest speakers who discuss the virtual aspects and challenges of coach. Students are therefore well prepared for many of the challenges that await them as they begin their careers.

Program Benefits

  • Internships are integral to the Kinesiology major – as such, students in all three
    of the Kinesiology tracks are required to enroll in our senior-level internship course
  • Three tracks are available through the Kinesiology program: Sports Administration,
    Pre-Physical Therapy or General
  • Small class sizes allow professors to become mentors to each student

Success Stories

“ I am the head basketball coach at Cedar Ridge High School. I besides teach physical education Courses there. Concordia University ‘s Kinesiology program set the foundation garment toward everything that I am achieving now. The humble class settings and the ability to develop a one-on-one relationship with my professors instilled assurance in in me by helping me to understand what it takes to be successful in animation. ”
– Quinton Black, Class of 2009

Career Outcomes

  • Athletics Administrator
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Camp Director
  • Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Professional Athlete
  • Professional Sport Manager


  • Why study Kinesiology? You will learn to understand the psychological, physiological, and anatomic underpinnings of homo movement, and be able to design and administer effective health and sport programs .
  • Why study Kinesiology at Concordia? Our courses are not only challenging, but they besides focus on both technical information and practical application. Our small class sizes ensure you will get tons of hands-on experience.

  • What kind of internships are available? Students in all three of the Kinesiology tracks are required to enroll in our senior-level internship naturally. Pre-physical therapy ( PT ) students will be required to complete internships, such as forcible therapy courses. Those in the Generalist racetrack often decide to work with our varsity intercollegiate teams, local high school teams, summer camps and more. Students in the Sports Administration cut might use their internship to work in corporate health, at gymnasium, the YMCA or a host of early sites .
    due to the diverse interests of our students, we allow them to arrange their own internships rather than pre-arranging them. Instructors are always tidal bore, however, to assist students in setting up an internship. recent students have done internships with the Texas Stars, local high schools, nearby physical therapy clinics, summer camps and a kind of other settings .

Meet the College of Health Sciences Faculty

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