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The Association of Commonwealth Universities ( ACU ) was established in 1913, and has over 500 member institutions in over 50 countries across the Commonwealth. It is the world ‘s oldest international network of universities and its deputation is to promote and support excellence in higher education for the benefit of individuals and societies throughout the democracy and beyond. While it is the oldest university network, it represents the future – it has a combined population of 3 billion, chiefly under the age of 30, in Commonwealth countries. [ 2 ] Drawing on the collective feel and expertness, the ACU seeks to address issues in international higher education through a range of projects, networks, and events. The ACU administers scholarships, provides academic inquiry and leadership on issues in the sector, and promotes inter-university cooperation and the sharing of good rehearse, helping universities serve their communities. [ 3 ]

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is governed by its member institutions through an elected Council. As the ACU is a UK-registered charity, Council members besides act as its Trustees. The ACU Council comprises up to 23 members : 20 elected Council members, up to two co-opted Council members and, if the Honorary Treasurer is co-opted preferably than elected, the Honorary Treasurer .

history [edit ]

In 1912, the University of London took the first step to assemble 53 representatives of universities in London to hold a Congress of Universities of the Empire. They decided they needed a “ agency of information ”. Its affairs would be handled by a committee representing universities at home and afield. In 1913 the office opened as the Universities Bureau of the british Empire. They incorporated under license of the Board of Trade in 1919 and received a accord of £5000 to operate an office premises, with the sympathize that the universities of the Empire would fund its sustenance. In 1948 the name was changed to Association of Universities of the british Commonwealth, and in 1963 it changed to its stream list. Dr Anastasios Christodoulou was the Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities from 1980 to 1996. In 1986, Queen Elizabeth II became patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. In 2019, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex became patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, a function which she held until February 2021. [ 4 ]

membership [edit ]

presently 40 countries from the Commonwealth are represented in the Association.

Criteria [edit ]

Member universities are divided into full and associate categories, with the latter not holding voting rights. fully members must :

  • Be legally incorporated and based in the Commonwealth, or have chosen to retain membership in the ACU when the country where they are based left the Commonwealth.
  • Be authorised to provide higher education.
  • Hold their own degree awarding powers.
  • Have at least 250 full time equivalent students, of which over half are studying at degree level.
  • Have graduated at least one cohort of students.

The criteria for associate membership are like, except that the requirement to be able to award their own degrees is replaced by a necessity that their students may be awarded degrees of another initiation under a franchise, license or other collaborative agreement, and that the institution whose degrees are being awarded is itself eligible for full membership of the ACU and is located in the Commonwealth. [ 5 ]

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