Financial Management Emphasis Areas

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All students in fiscal management choose an emphasis area in which to specialize. These areas are outlined below .

Banking and Investments

The banking and investments master may be involved in psychoanalysis, management or sales within a deposit or investment company. Often this position requires both psychoanalysis and sales skills. We routinely place students with employers such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and SunTrust .
Required Courses: FIN 4050, 4060, 4080, 4110 ; and one course selected from FIN 3040, 3990, or any 4000-level FIN course, or any 3000-4000-level ACCT course .

Corporate Finance

The corporate finance professional is most much an analyst responsible for capital investment evaluation, financing analyses, fiscal bode, business performance and appraisal, or report. fiscal professionals may go on to become the headman Financial Officer ( CFO ) of a firm. We have placed finance students at Milliken, Fluor and General Electric ampere well as at the corporate headquarter of fiscal institutions.

Required Courses: FIN 4110 ; and two courses selected from FIN 4010, 4020, 4030, 4040 ; and two courses selected from FIN 3040, 3990 or any 4000-level FIN course, or any 3000-4000-level ACCT run. Credit will only be given for merely one of FIN 4030 or 4040. alone one 3000- 4000-level ACCT course may count toward the emphasis area .

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Financial Planning

The fiscal design professional is involved in determining whether and how an individual can meet their goals through the use and management of fiscal resources. Often this position typically involves analysis and sales skills. After completing this stress sphere, students are eligible to sit for the Certified Financial Planner ( CFP ) examination. We have placed students with employers such as Vanguard and Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.

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Required Courses: ACCT 4040 ( should be taken leap of Junior year ), 4080, FIN 3040, 4050, 4090. due to CFP Board requirements, no substitutions are allowed.

Students who complete the B.S. in Financial Management ( with a Concentration Area of Financial Planning ) satisfy the education coursework necessity for CFP® certificate and are eligible to take the CFP® Certification Examination. Some states may have extra requirements for Financial Planners, Financial Advisors or Investment Advisors. It is imperative you understand the regulations for the department of state in which you intend to work PRIOR to enrolling in any academician platform or course. For your appliance, please check the license requirements or contact the allow license boards for the state where you will seek employment .

Real Estate

The real estate professional may provide psychoanalysis and advice on the acquisition, sale or management of both commercial and residential actual estate. Students find employment in real estate development and appraisal companies, and in commercial lend institutions .
Required Courses: FIN 4150, 4160, 4170, LAW 3330 ; and one run from selected CRP 4010, ECON 3060, 3400, or FIN 3990, or any 4000-level FIN course, or any 3000-4000-level ACCT course .

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