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Students concern in receiving a bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics from CMC and knight bachelor ‘s degree with a major in engineer from a second academic institution have two options under the Economics-Engineering program. The programs are an elongation of the successful Management-Engineering ( ME ) broadcast, but have more requirements and students accomplished full majors in economics and technology. The first option ( Option I ) is a dual degree program of Claremont McKenna College ( CMC ) and Harvey Mudd College ( HMC ). The second option ( Option II ) is a double degree plan of Claremont McKenna College and early certified technology programs. Like the ME program, both options of the Economics and Engineering program are designed for students concerned in a liberal arts education, together with a demanding course of study in both economics and engineer. Students who plan to major in Economics and Engineering are expected to complete five ( or more ) courses per semester. New students may enroll in five courses during their first semester. Professor Higdon is the program adviser .

Option I: Claremont McKenna College and Harvey Mudd College

Students in this five-year program spend three years at CMC and two years at HMC. In addition, students complete all general education requirements of both HMC and CMC, except for the elder thesis at CMC. Upon completion of the platform, students receive a Bachelor of Arts academic degree with a major in economics from CMC, and a Bachelor of Science academic degree with a major in mastermind from HMC.

Under a joint admissions agreement, CMC students with a degree point average of 9.50 or higher, who have completed all compulsory courses for the program during their years at CMC and meet HMC ‘s other grade requirements, are guaranteed entree to HMC. Deadline for application is Feb. 1 of the junior year.

Option II: Claremont McKenna College and Certified Engineering Schools

This choice allows CMC students to complete a entire major in economics at CMC and then transfer to an technology initiation of their choice and earn a degree in engineering. Upon completion of the technology program, students will earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in economics from CMC and a bachelor ‘s degree with a major in mastermind from the engineering program.

During the three years at CMC, students must complete all general department of education requirements, except for the aged dissertation, and all CMC requirements for the economics major. At the end of the junior class, students transfer to an technology school of their choice, where they complete that institution ‘s requirements for graduation with a major in engineering. Upon receipt of the academic degree from the mastermind institution, CMC students receive their barium from CMC with a major in economics.

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