1. The New Mobile Workforce — Citrix

1. The New Mobile Workforce — Citrix

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.thenewmobileworkforce.com / An interactional web site that is built with THREE JS to create extremely smooth and eye pleasing transitions to convey its messages. Centered around Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team and its partnership with Citrix and the introduce plan for the future of racing .

2. Apple — iPhone Xs product page

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.apple.com/iphone-xs/ When ever Apple releases a new flagship intersection they try to convey their message through transitions, data, and design. The iPhone Xs page is no exception from this predominate with vibrant design and bare yet elegant transitions to convey data on there newest telephone publish.

3. HKI.Paris

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //hki.paris/home HKI.Paris is an mugwump creative company located in Paris who specializes in ocular identities. Presenting there brand in a very unique artistic style. The typography and glitch-like features of the locate in truth tie together the unharmed web site as an artistic part .

4. Uber Design

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.uber.design/case-studies/rebrand-2018 Uber recently went through a brand identity freshen in which elusive changes based on thousands of request were made throughout the ship’s company. This encase analyze goes over the logic behind the changes while showcasing new animation, icons, typography and web social organization in a clean so far elegant means .

5. 50 Years Swiss Music Charts

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //50-jahre-hitparade.ch explore over 10,000 swiss music graph hits during the last 50 years with this data focused singular timeline web site. Scroll through the years to see data on song identify, rank, and temper. The design immersies the exploiter into a time and space deflection while music from the decades pass by you while accelerating through time. The data is pulled from Hitparade and Spotify .

6. Webflow — Ecommerce

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //webflow.com/ecommerce

Webflows greets the drug user with a breathtaking load liveliness into a visually appealing landing page. Webflow offers software that allows you to design websites then export them into code. The web site uses scrolling animations and triggers heavy to convey its message to the drug user on how the software work in detail and color .

7. Crypton

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //crypton.trading Crypton is a cryptocurrency trade bot that manages your finances and trades for you at the optimum time for the most find at profit. The theme in itself is cool arsenic well with the web site featuring a bare black and white theme but in depth animations helping convey how the bot works to bring in the user .

8. Johos

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.johos.at/ simple in design, boldface in video and report tattle. JoHo ’ second is a specialization coffee bean company that shares the message of its farmers and their beans. The web site is chiefly consisted of images and videos but convey its messages beautifully and simply, leaving a positive impression in the users that browse it .

9. Porsche Mission E Concept Site

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.porsche.com/microsite/mission-e/international.aspx/ Porsche like most car companies are looking towards an electric vehicle future. Competing with Tesla forces Posche to innovate their approaching cars. The concept product is nothing less than field glass shatter. The web site is a modern as the car will be with scroll animations, sound, and an synergistic UI to showcase the concept car in all its glory.

10. Picular

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //picular.co/ “ Google, but for colors ” the motto for Picular is the best direction to describe the beautifully designed search engine for chief colors. Using categoric design and western fence lizard animations to create a dapper and intuitive web site for color discovery keeps the center craving for the following research. originally published at www.monteverdemedia.com

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