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Save for those that dangle on the higher-end. Most budget-friendly Chromebooks aren ’ t besides generous with storage. You ’ ll find variants of either 32 or 64 GB lying around the majority of the clock time, and pronounce by those numbers, one can tell that more memory options are decidedly worth looking into. This is where we are perplexed with a overplus of possibilities, but this besides where Chrome OS ’ s cloud-oriented capabilities measure right in .
These lightweight devices are best used when combined with a through-and-through defile repositing servicing. By linking your history with these, you ’ ll be able to back up your data and restore it on any of your computers, let alone Chromebooks. Using the cloud for keeping our data safe has become much more commodious and far-flung, and today, we are faced with multiple services that make us wonder which ones to opt for .

Cloud storage solutions for your Chromebook

This article, consequently, will discuss 5 of the top-most cloud storage options you could get on your Chromebook. These have amassed their bazaar share of popularity in spades and are known to work efficiently and deliver according to set expectations. Without any promote chitchat, let ’ s get properly into our picks.

1) Google One (Google Drive)

Google Drive Kicking this number off is an obvious but rightfully deserving mottle repositing subscription service : Google One. You might have heard of Google Drive more ubiquitously, but rest assured, Google One is more or less the same thing. Drive is a memory service where One is a subscription that offers more storage for Google Drive and Gmail along with Google Photos. besides, Google One users can enjoy more benefits, and the membership can be shared across their families .
With a clear difference out of the way, we ’ ll be mentioning Google Drive alternatively of Google One for your appliance. Moving on, Drive offers 15 GB of release storage with your Gmail account. This plan does not cost a individual penny, and you only need your Google account—which besides comes free—to ransom this deal. however, Google offers enticing subscriptions to those looking for more expansive options. The offerings start from $ 1.99 for 100 GB, and that box stretches deoxyadenosine monophosphate far as $ 299.99 for a colossal 30 TB storage plan .
Google Drive ’ s user interface is fresh, cleanse, and debauched. There ’ second an ample measure of simplicity in it for all those looking for a minimalistic experience. Drive comes packed with a set of other applications that are jointly known as G-Suite or Google Workspace. These other applications include Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You can create, view, and edit existing documents all from the comfort of Google Drive. On the summation side, Google Drive integrates profoundly with Chromebooks and Android. The app is promptly available on the Google Play Store, but it comes pre-installed on Chrome OS .

2) pCloud

pCloud pCloud is however another name in the swarm storage business that has slowly climbed up the ranks of fame and success in the period of 8 years always since it was launched. This cloud storage service combines affordability and security in one nice package. right out of the box, pCloud offers 10 GB of detached storage, but you can constantly unlock extra absolve outer space by inviting your friends to the platform or by going through their “ Unlock more space guide. ” One expression makes pCloud a much better option for many compared to the rest of the competitors in this list – life cloud storehouse for an cheap erstwhile fee .
You got that right. With Google Drive, the best you can do is purchase monthly subscriptions. While these might be sufficient for many, others would prefer to get the burden off their shoulders and pay once, but pay meaningfully. pCloud ’ mho life plans have two courses of action up for grab ; the first gear one is 500 GB for $ 175, and the second one is 2 terabyte for $ 350. In contrast, pCloud ’ s per month prices are noteworthy as well. You can get 500 GB of storage for $ 3.99 a month, while 2 TB of memory each month will set you back for $ 7.99. That is a cool $ 2 less than Google Drive ’ s $ 9.99 a month 2 TB cloud storage .
To talk about pCloud ’ s user interface, it ’ sulfur easily to understand and uncomplicated in navigating around it. Security-wise, this cloud storage service offers impeccable privacy and digital auspices. There ’ randomness besides a corruptible option for an excess layer of encoding to sort out your security requirements for large-scale business behave. A host of other features besides makes pCloud stand out against its rivals, such as file versioning, file recovery, and link communion. If pCloud ’ sulfur overview deems itself fit for you, check it out today !

3) Dropbox

Dropbox Being the industry-leader for respective years immediately, Dropbox is better known as the unequivocal monarch of all cloud storage services. however, it does come at a cost with a light sum of backing features, and the service is much more expensive than its counterparts. It features a drag-and-drop system where you can upload anything to your personal cloud and make the work seem like a breeze. One of the reasons why Dropbox is so popular is because of its dependability. There ’ south a good criterion of security incorporated here, and while it still doesn ’ metric ton involve throughout encoding, your files and data are going nowhere early than your cloud.

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Dropbox ’ s referral system stands tall in the spotlight. A Dropbox account with no buy subscriptions only allows you a mere 2 GB for personal habit, but if you ’ ra bent on not buying any of their plans but silent want to make it work just ticket, you have to pay heed to this plan ’ south referral system. For every friend that downloads and sets up Dropbox through your referral yoke, you ’ ll get 500 MB of storage added to your report. To bump up that number, keep inviting more friends. The restrict for this type of dislodge storage is 14 GB and what you ’ ll have to do is invite 28 friends. It seems like a distribute of study, but given some time, you ’ ll come around to it finally .
Moving on to the helping that demands money, Dropbox ’ s monthly plans are something like this : you get 1 TB of storage for $ 9.99 per month, but the syndicate version of this plan that allows sharing up to 6 users costs $ 16.99. It ’ s the Business line of plans where the true value of Dropbox lies. For $ 25 per month, you ’ ll experience inexhaustible repositing in your personal cloud. This is outright amazing if you own a ample business and look for big transactions a day in sidereal day out. On the plus side, Dropbox ’ s interface aligns perfectly with Chrome OS. Everything is reactive, fluid, and right up to the commemorate. Try out Dropbox nowadays .

4) IDrive

IDrive If you ’ re looking for a rock-solid cloud storage service for your Chromebook that will offer you capital price plans and amazing value for money, you have got to try IDrive. There ’ mho something for everyone in this cloud-oriented application, from enterprise and businesses to home and personal use. A barren IDrive account can only pack repositing arsenic far as 5 GB which is 3 GB more than Dropbox ’ s spare bill memory. however, those meaning dangerous business have an excellent align of monthly and annual subscriptions to move advancing with. Do note that IDrive ’ randomness Business plans are slightly costlier than what Google Drive and Dropbox have up for grabs .
speaking of which, a individual person can purchase a annual subscription of 5 TB obscure storehouse for $ 52.12 with IDrive. With this design, there ’ s no terminus ad quem on how many devices can be used. The like goes for 10 terabyte of storage for $ 74.62 per class. Coming down to business options, this is where this service gets a bite over the crown. The extra price does come with an add benefit, though. All IDrive business plans support unlimited users, devices, and servers. The price for this begins at $ 149.62 per year for 500 GB of cloud storage, going adenine up as $ 8,699.62 for 50 terabyte of annually cloud storage. That ’ randomness instantaneously top-of-the-line, to say the least .
IDrive is available for a multitude of operating systems. Since it can be easily found on the Chrome Web Store, it can besides be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Android, io, and Linux-driven computers. This cloud service is good a fantastic option in general. You ’ ve got fast and easy file share, a highly commodious IDrive Express feature of speech that gets your store data delivered to you on a hard drive, and a compromising drug user interface. When writing this article, IDrive is giving away a whack 90 % off on your first year. Without a doubt, this is the best time to give this service a try .

5) Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz Cloud Backup Zoolz Cloud Backup is another leading choice down the road for those wanting to balance performance, price, and features. One of the best things about Zoolz is that it is bequeath to afford a free trial that gives you 50 GB of spare storage right off the cream. This will help you well familiarize yourself with its interface, get to know how Zoolz works, and decide if you want it to become your daily driver or not. The standard of security is besides something to brag about. We ’ ra talking 256-bit AES encoding with full-blown authenticity from GDPR and HIPPA .
For $ 15 a calendar month, you ’ ll be able to enjoy 1 TB of cloud storage on Zoolz. If your work comprises large-scale data communion, you might american samoa well consider the 50 TB variant that costs $ 674.99 per calendar month. Don ’ triiodothyronine fret good even because Zoolz is generous with discounts and will probably offer you something good in exchange for a big purchase. As you can presume, pricing is pretty decent with this serve, and that ’ s not the only factor that impresses nicely. The exploiter interface besides delivers beyond expectations and is quite slowly to get the hang of. The look and feel is merely terrific.

Zoolz besides has fluid applications to its name to access and store backing data, but they are known to perform subpar according to customers. According to many reviews, the mobile version could significantly improve since the current edition doesn ’ t quite hit home. early than that, Zoolz has affordability screaming at the lead of its lungs. For just $ 3, you can get your own personal storage of 100 GB with SD television stream and no backing limitations. All in all, Zoolz Cloud Backup is decidedly deserving looking into .


Cloud memory on Chromebooks makes the perfect jazz band. The lightweight Chrome OS doesn ’ t come loaded with a set of storehouse. therefore, we have to make do with alternatives. In our lawsuit, there are multiple cloud storage services available that work well with Chromebooks, and we ’ ve managed to list 5 of the best out of them. To see which one suits your needs the best, try them all out. In our opinion, Dropbox will provide you with the most value. Chrome ready wishes you good luck on your travel !

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