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NY Teens Julia Corso and Vincent Testorf co-founders of streetwear line called DripEight #Drip8

Two NY teen entrepreneurs lit up the Forbes 30 under 30 summit in Detroit through streetwear and environmental passion!

Forbes supports Entrepreneurship, and proves it when Forbes8 and iCON partnered with DripEight a NY streetwear line created by teens We are so grateful for this opportunity to work with Forbes8 and Icon, we are GenZ and want to design dope streetwear and help the environment, follow us @realdrip8” — DripEight

Backstage Kevin Durant posing with T-shirt before he spoke
DripEight co-founder Vincent Testorf and ICON founder Marcus Allan Noel, DripEight co founder Julia Corso
QuavoHuncho guest speaker at Forbes30 under30 encouraged all entrepreneurs to”keep working never mind to the haters just keep going!” DripEight gave him a T-Shirt
PELHAM, NEW YORK, USA, November 15, 2019 — Two NY adolescent entrepreneurs lit up the Forbes 30 under 30 summit in Detroit through street tire and environmental rage !
Forbes supports Entrepreneurship, and proves it when Forbes8 and iCON partnered with two 16 class olds : Julia Corso and Vincent Testorf, co-founders of a brand new streetwear ship’s company based in NY. Part of GenZ, these two unseasoned entrepreneurs were the perfect peer to link their revolutionize coevals with the new Forbes8 ’ s interactional external platform.
Forbes 30 Under 30 in Detroit was on fire, according to Teen entrepreneurs GenZ Julia Corso ( age 16 ) and Vincent Testorf ( old age 16 ), creators of street wear occupation dripeight ( www.dripeight.com ) which was presented during the NYFW last September.

The Teens partnered with Forbes8 and picture, a newfangled industry-player wiretap into the creativity, reason, and potential of Gen-Z. Dripeight is a earth class streetwear line that gives a parcel of all sales to help climate change. In their own words : “ We want to make an impact in everyday animation, and to connect with people who have the same sense of stylus, and fashion. Through our designs, we can express our worries about what ’ s happening to our planet. We donate 10 % of our profits to charities – it is our way to show our commitment ” .
DripEight with “Alaska” David Bullock @907agency at Forbes30 Under 30 holding iconic T-Shirt Forbes8, Drip8, Icon
Dripeight designed a jersey show the partnership of the brands during the “ forbes under 30 ” peak in Detroit.
The Gen Z teens “ T-shirt ” was sol dope ( desirable ), it made it into the hands of basketball caption Kevin Durant, rapper Qu avo Huncho, and rapper 21 Savage.
The gigantic movement of Gen-Z catalyzed Dripeight and icon ’ s initial meet. icon, a fresh industry-player tap into the creativity, intellectual and potential of Gen-Z, closes skills and data-gaps by harnessing their most cute asset : talent. picture fuses creative content, social media and skills-based education to provide a raw position to be inspired, to exchange ideas and build skills. picture ’ randomness formidable partnership with Forbes8 grounds it as the go-to source for Gen-Z invention, and a natural collaboration for Drip Eight .

beginning : https://enrolldetroit.org
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