10 Examples of B2B Twitter Chats

While many individuals use chirrup to have conversations with friends and meet new people, they besides use Twitter to hold regular discussions on industry and business related topics with peers. Twitter users refer to these peer-to-peer conversations as chats .
Most chirrup chats have one or more organizers who moderate the discussion and set the day and time for the conversation. additionally, the chats use hashtags, which are words or phrases that are preceded by a “ # ” sign, exercise : # inboundmarketing. Hashtags allow people to follow the group conversation using Twitter Search. To follow a chew the fat in your industry you can simply put the hashtag for the conversation into Twitter Search and watch the the tweets flow.

many clients, marketers and executives believe that their industry is different from others. While this is true, it is not a fair objection to avoiding innovative commercialize approaches. now that you have a basic understand of what a chirrup chew the fat is, let us show you some examples across a divers sample of B2B industries.

Weekly B2B Twitter Chats



– Moderated by @ mpaynknoper, # agchat occurs from
8-10 pm EDT on Tuesday
. The chat is an outdoors dialogue amongst the respective players in the agriculture, farming and ranching worlds. It is for people in department of agriculture, including those in the business of producing food, feed, fuel and fiber.




– Moderated by @ LisaTrosien @ 30Lines, # aptchat occurs from
3-4pm CST on Friday
. The old world chat was created to discuss the apartment and multifamily caparison industry.




– Moderated by @ pinnovation, # assnchat occurs from
1-2pm CST on Tuesday
. The chew the fat is afford to any all members of the association community, including staff, consultants, volunteer leaders and members. With the goal to explore the present and future of associations.




– Moderated by @ b2b_chat @ kseniacoffman @ jeremyvictor @ kenthuffman @ andrewspoeth, # b2bchat occurs from
8-9pm EST every Thursday
. The chew the fat is a weekly conversation for B2B marketers .



– Moderated by @ corb21 @ claudiaC, # bookmarket occurs from
4:00-5:00 EDT on Thursday
. The new world chat ‘s finish is to connect authors and publicists for the greater good.




– Moderated by @ AdvancedEyecare, # EyeConnect occurs from
12-1pm CST on the 2nd Weds of each month
. The chew the fat is for optometrists, ophthalmologists and eyecare professionals. Topics include practice management and latest developments in eyecare .



– Moderated by @ icacater, # icacaterchat occurs from
4-5pm PST on Tuesday
. This chew the fat is for conversations about the art and business of professional cater .
twitter chat



– Moderated by @ swanwick @ weknowmore, # KMers occurs from
12pm EDT on Tuesday
. This old world chat is for cognition professionals to share information about cognition management .



– Moderated by @ RNchat @ philbaumann, # RNchat occurs from
11:30am EDT on Tuesday
. This chew the fat is an open discussion for register nurses. It covers a wide compass of topics involving the nurse profession, healthcare, public awareness, how nurses can employ social technologies.




– Moderated by @ fishdogs @ pinkolivefamily, # tnl occurs from
8-10pm CST on the last Wednesday of month
. This chew the fat is for an consultation of recruiters, researchers and early HR professionals concerned in social media for enroll and stigmatization.


I encourage you to take a front at the these chats and see if one of them is related to your diligence or possibly if you could start one for your diligence. The network and educational value of on-line B2B conversations can be invaluable if the content is on topic and moderated well .
Beyond the network value, participating in these chats builds awareness for your business and provides a platform for you to parcel relevant message that you have created. message sharing to an engaged and social audience much leads to increased traffic and leads to your network site .

Have you ever participated in an organized Twitter chat for your business?

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