Transfer claimed Ad Account between Facebook Business Managers

Transfer claimed Ad Account between Facebook Business Managers

There will be time when a customer want to claim an ad account from representation ’ mho commercial enterprise coach, good like one of our node not retentive ago, or ad account was mistakenly claimed by agency ’ south business coach and want to be transferred back to the client for versatile argue. fortunately, we have feature named “ add raw ad explanation ” in our business director, which serve to claim ad account connected to a personal report. But the thing is, it won ’ metric ton help if the ad account is already claimed by another business coach, it will only work if the ad score is placid owned by personal history .Error when trying to claim ad account from another business manager many have asked solutions for this problem, like :

One article by Carolina Valdez on claims you can transfer ad account between business if you provided the right permissions to the target business director ’ mho owner. Of course, we tried this .It won’t work if your ad account had been claimed by a business manager. thus, there is no aim solution to transfer ad account to another clientele director, except by deleting the business that claimed it. Yes, you read that right, deleting your business coach. It is a big trouble if you have a set of things done there and it will take some trick depending on how the ad bill came into your Business director .

Delete your Business Manager

Transferring ad report by deleting business director is not in truth a true forward march. It depends on how your ad account got into your commercial enterprise coach :

  • If ad account was claimed from a personal account

permanently delete your business coach and the ad account will be transferred back to the personal account that made it. Made certain you remove all assets ( pixels, offline audiences, intersection catalogs, etc ) beside ad explanation itself that are in the commercial enterprise coach or it will not work .

  • If ad account was made from the business manager itself

You need to contact the Facebook Business support team to do this. We did tried to delete it manually, but it never ended up achiever and no clear mistake explanation being told .The only error message ‘your business can’t be deleted at this time’ (19th July 2017) This might have happened because the ad account wear ’ metric ton know where it will be transferred after the Business Manager deleted ( Facebook Internal Ad Team was the matchless mentioned this is why we can not delete the Business Manager ourself ). alone Facebook Business ad support will be helpful at this steer provided you have good reason to do this. They ’ rhenium very helpful in this sheath. They might ask your written blessing in the e-mail. For chasteness sake, you can copy and modify the follow :

Hi Jane, I ’ megabyte Mickeel Pramono, requesting the transfer of : ad account : 9902234567899
Current Business Manager ID : 8787345678902
Current Business Manager ’ s e-mail : ping @
Business Manager ID : 2093345678789 Thanks a set .

Do it with your own risk!

Deleting your commercial enterprise Manager is not reversible, you will lose all assets in it .

Facebook Ad Account Best Practice for Agency

Always make a separated ad account for your agency

No matter whether you create it from your business coach or the client ’ south, create a modern ad account for your servicing. This is to separate any history from any former ad operation the node ever made and help you/them get better performance from the service you provided easier .

Use client’s Facebook ad account

Facebook recommend us as agency that we should only request access to ad report from our node ’ mho commercial enterprise managers. thing is, most ( or all ) our clients don ’ t even know what is business director. Requesting entree into their Facebook foliate is a harass for them already.

thus, our initial approach regarding this problem is to make business coach for each of our new clients good in case one day the customer want to claim their ad report. But after doing this for several occupation using respective staff accounts, we noticed that Facebook limited the number of businesses we can make alone for 2 businesses and besides making new business for each client lead to another problem, we need claim at least one main Facebook page for each commercial enterprise. Meaning this is not the right way to manage business or ad accounts as means. In the conclusion, we stick to meet and setting up customer ’ mho account to move on to commercial enterprise director and request access into it. In case customer is besides burdened to do that, we will make ad account in our representation ’ sulfur Business coach. hope it serve. Claps for all of us !

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