How To Reset The Nether In Minecraft? What Is Nether Update And It’s New Features?

Minecraft is a character of sandbox television game that has been created by Markus “ Notch ” Persson. The game is developed by Mojang Studios and was formally released in the class 2011. After the liberation, the game became a ace hit and sold around 200 million copies sold across all platforms. The game is besides considered to be the best sell game of all time with over 126 million monthly active users presently .
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The makers recently shared a new update for its users. It is called the Nether update and has become a trending subject amongst the Minecraft community. Since the liberation, a number of users have been asking some doubts regarding the Nether update. People have been asking things like ” how to reset Nether in Minecraft ”. Well, we have all the solutions that will help to reset the new update in Minecraft. Read more to know how to reset Nether in Minecraft.

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How to reset Nether in Minecraft?

How to Reset the Nether in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

unfortunately, the users are not able to unlock the Nether in Bedrock or any early part of the world. When playing on fundamentals, the users will need to start a new worldly concern to dig into Minecraft 1.16. This is applicable for different gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4, mobile, and Nintendo Switch .
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How to Reset the Nether in Minecraft Java Edition

  • Unlike the Bedrock players, Java players can reset their Nether with an external tool
  • Install the MCA selector in the system. 
  • MCA selector is basically the tool used to select large sections of a world and delete or reset it.
  • Using the MCA selector is not difficult and one can reset their Nether in Minecraft with the tool. 

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  • Source: Minecraft official  website

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New features of Minecraft Nether update

  • Added Basalt Deltas biome to the Nether
  • Added Crimson Forest biome to the Nether
  • Added Hoglins
  • Added Netherite
  • Added Piglins
  • Added ruined portals
  • Added Soulsand Valley biome to the Nether
  • Added Striders
  • Added Warped Forest biome to the Nether
  • Added Zoglins
  • Added a new disableChat command line option – when used, receiving and sending online chat is disabled
  • Added a new disableMultiplayer command line option – when used, the Multiplayer button is disabled
  • Added bastion remnants
  • Added new Game Mode Switcher debug menu
  • Added new Nether blocks
  • Added the Soul Speed enchantment
  • Added the lodestone
  • Added the respawn anchor that allows you to set your respawn point in the Nether.
  • Added the target block
  • Basalt is formed when lava flows over soul soil next to blue ice
  • Bell blocks will now ring when hit by any projectile
  • Bells can now be hung from the underside of more blocks
  • Compasses can now be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing
  • Endermen can now pick up some of the new Nether blocks
  • Endermen will no longer pick up Netherrack
  • Entities now get pushed by flowing lava
  • Farmer Villagers can now compost seeds
  • Fish now despawn when further than 64 blocks away from the closest player
  • Huge fungi will now only grow on its matching type of nylium
  • Knockback resistance is now a scale instead of a probability
  • Lily pads are now considered junk fishing loot rather than treasure
  • Patrols no longer spawn when the player is close to a village
  • TNT and campfires will now ignite when hit by any burning projectile
  • The General statistics list is now alphabetically sorted
  • Updated logos for Mojang Studios and Minecraft
  • Villagers can now spawn iron golems regardless of their profession status or latest working time
  • Walls do not have gaps anymore when stacked vertically
  • Walls will now connect to even more things, such as iron bars, panes, pressure plates, banners, and even pickles
  • When a Villager is struck by lightning, the witch it is converted to will no longer despawn
  • When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open waters

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