Benefits of macadamia nuts: Preventing heart disease and more

Macadamia nuts are senior high school in healthy fats and may help those trying to lose weight. One suffice of macadamia nuts besides contains dietary fiber, protein, manganese, vitamin b1, and a good total of copper. The fat message of macadamia nuts is higher than that of other democratic nuts such as almonds, cashews, and walnuts. A 50-gram pack of macadamia nuts contains 38 grams ( g ) of fat. however, around 80 % of the fatten in macadamia nuts is monounsaturated adipose tissue, which has health benefits. These nuts besides contain specific kinds of monounsaturated fatty acids ( MUFAs ), which are not promptly available in many other foods.

Macadamia nuts are besides a abject glycemic index food. With their many health benefits, macadamia nuts can fit into any sanitary diet.

Nutritional value

macadamia nuts in a bowl parcel on Pinteresteverydayplus/Getty Images A cup or 132 deoxyguanosine monophosphate of macadamia nuts contains :

  • 945 calories
  • 10.3 g of protein
  • 100 g of fat
  • 16.9 g of carbohydrate
  • 10.6 g of fiber
  • 5.46 g of sugar
  • 92.4 milligrams (mg) of calcium
  • 3.5 mg of iron
  • 156 mg of magnesium

2. They improve metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that can increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Metabolic syndrome includes high blood imperativeness, high blood boodle, low levels of HDL cholesterol, high gear triglycerides, and excess belly fat. The CDC estimate that around 1 in 3 adults in the United States has metabolic syndrome, and rates are increasing around the universe. Some research suggests that MUFAs, such as those deliver in macadamia nuts, may help lower the risk of metabolic syndrome or reduce its effects in people who already have it. A research review from 2016 shows that eating a diet high in MUFAs can reduce metabolic risk factors in people with type 2 diabetes. HbA1c is an significant measurement for people with diabetes. It is a person ’ second modal blood carbohydrate level over the past 2–3 months. A report on rats with diabetes found that a diet high in MUFAs plus exercise was more effective at lowering HbA1c than either eating the fats or exercising alone. Another study shows that tree nuts such as macadamia nuts help improve glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes. however, more high-quality, long-run studies are needed to confirm the results .

3. They may prevent cancer

Macadamia nuts contain a type of vitamin E called tocotrienols. Tocotrienols may have potent anticancer abilities, according to some older research. Macadamia nuts contain a significant total of tocotrienols. however, most of the studies were testing ground or rodent-based. The lapp findings may not apply to humans. Macadamia nuts besides contain plant compounds called flavonoids, which can fight cancer by destroying damaging free radicals in the body .

4. They protect the brain

apart from their potential ability to battle cancer, tocotrienols besides have brain-protecting effects. One older testing ground cogitation found that a tocotrienol-rich supplement helps protect brain cells from the effects of glutamate, which may play a function in the development of Alzheimer ’ second disease and Parkinson ’ s disease. however, consuming foods that contain tocotrienol, such as macadamia nuts, may not have the same effect as taking a tocotrienol supplement. Another study on rats shows that oleic acid, one of the chief monounsaturated fats present in macadamia nuts, can protect the brain from sealed kinds of oxidative stress.

5. They may prevent weight gain

Macadamia nuts and their petroleum are some of the richest sources of palmitoleic acerb, a monounsaturated adipose tissue besides called omega-7. Researchers in one discipline gave sheep palmitoleic acerb for 28 days, and the results showed a decrease in weight amplification by 77 %. however, experts have not even shown that palmitoleic acid has weight-loss benefits in humans. Another learn showed that feeding shiner macadamia nut petroleum as a addendum reduced the size of their fat cells after 12 weeks .

6. They stave off hunger

Macadamia nuts contain protein, high amounts of beneficial fats, and roughage. together, these nutrients can help a person spirit full for longer. The fat takes longer to digest, and protein and fiber help prevent large lineage carbohydrate changes that can make a person tactile property athirst.

Side effects of eating macadamia nuts

Though macadamia nuts can be partially of a healthful diet, a person should try to remember the following possible drawbacks :

They are calorie-dense

One cup, or 132 gram, of macadamia nuts contains about 950 calories. This may be half of a person ’ south casual calorie needs or more. however, the standard serve size for macadamia nuts is 1 ounce ( oz ), or 28.4 gram, which is far less than 1 cup. A 1-oz serve is about 10–12 nuts and contains around 200 calories. Using a food scale or counting the nuts and eating alone the accord come can help prevent accidental gluttony. Eating macadamia nuts in rate of early high-fat or high-calorie foods can provide their benefits without adding calories and fat to the diet. For example, people can sprinkle a few macadamia nuts on a salad in place of bacon or croutons. Another option is to eat a serve as a bite in place of chips, cookies, or other processed foods that offer small nutrition .

Roasting them may lower their nutrients

People can eat macadamia nuts crude or roasted. One 2015 cogitation suggested that roasting macadamia nuts, particularly at higher temperatures, can reduce their nutrient capacity. It may be best to consume the nuts raw, soak them, or roast them at a lower temperature. however, research published in 2021 concluded the opposite : that roasting improves the nutritional rate, oxidative constancy, and relish of macadamia nuts .

Some contain extra oil, salt, or sugar

not all macadamia nuts are sanitary choices. A person should look at the ingredients and choose types that contain entirely nuts and no add sugar, salt, or oil .

People with tree nut allergies must avoid them

Tree addict allergies are serious and can be life threatening. even inhaling bantam particles of nuts can be adequate to trigger an allergic chemical reaction in some people. Those with addict allergies need to avoid macadamia nuts wholly. Those who live with a person who has nut allergies may besides wish to steer clear of them. This is due to the gamble of cross-contamination or incidentally exposing them to trace amounts of nuts .


People who are not allergic to macadamia nuts can enjoy them daily. Research has shown that they can help protect the brain, lower the risk of heart disease, and stave off hunger, among other things.

Some people use macadamia testis anoint in fudge as it is high in beneficial fats. It is besides possible to use the nuts in salads to replace higher-fat options such as croutons. however, a person should remember that they contain a high issue of calories. Macadamia nuts are a whole food with enough of commodity fats, vitamins, and minerals. They possess many health benefits that show promise. however, they are not a magic bullet train for treating health conditions without making other complementary life style changes .

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