Biz2Credit Unveils Rebranding, New Logo for Its Biz2X Lending Platform for Banks

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2020 ( GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) — Biz2Credit Inc., the leader in on-line humble occupation finance, today unveiled new brand for Biz2X®, its ball-shaped SaaS platform to enable fiscal institutions to provide a customize on-line lend feel for their small and midsize occupation customers.
The Biz2X Platform has been an instantaneous hit with banks who needed to convert their lending operations to digital about nightlong because of the coronavirus pandemic and the launch of the Paycheck Protection Program ( PPP ), which has provided access to capital for more than 5 million struggling businesses during the pandemic. The chopine is the natural emergence of Biz2Credit ’ second established leadership in digitization of the lend lotion procedure. Biz2X has been adopted by partners including HSBC, Popular Bank, ACAP and AICPA ’ south, which all have chosen Biz2X to launch newly on-line lend initiatives. Since the Federal Government passed the CARES Act in March in response to the pandemic, Biz2X has been the platform of option for many institutions trying to manage the complicated PPP lend application and loan forgiveness processes. With enhanced lend management, service, gamble analytics and a configurable customer journey, Biz2X is helping banks like these run their lending operations more efficiently on a large scale.

“ With the brand announcement today, our company is signaling its intention of continuing our leadership in the FinTech software-as-a-service ( SaaS ) space, ” said Biz2Credit CEO Rohit Arora, whose company launched the Biz2X Platform 18 months ago. “ The new stigmatization for Biz2X reflects the importance of the software contribution of our business, which has boomed this year. We are making a strategic commitment to being a trusted FinTech chopine provider to banks both large and small. ” Since early 2020, more than 50,000 loan applications have flowed through Biz2X to lenders, streamlining the PPP lend and forgiveness process for these government-backed loans for small businesses. “ No one is integrating banks and digital platforms angstrom efficaciously as Biz2Credit ’ s Biz2X Platform has done, ” Arora added. “ The technology incorporates the requirements of not entirely PPP loans, but besides the SBA ’ s popular 7 ( a ) and 504 loans in order to streamline the processing of these business loan applications. ” Biz2X uses a streamlined drug user interface, AI-driven analytics and a customizable white label interface to help banks enhance their core services such as offering focused customer service, growing their lend portfolio and increasing the use of their products. The Biz2X Platform offers end-to-end loan management features, including :

  • Loan Level Pricing
  • Risk Analytics Tool Suite
  • Credit Policies Configured to Banks’ Needs
  • Intelligent, Dynamic Application for Each Product Type
  • Low-to-No IT Work Required
  • Cross-Device Compatibility

In the conventional bank model, the lend serve is paperwork-heavy for the customer and both time-consuming and expensive for the deposit. The Biz2X Platform is designed to streamline that work for everyone.

“ Biz2X is built on the lapp engineering that has helped Biz2Credit become the premier digital lend platform for small businesses. Our clients get to use that expertness to automate their little business lending and improve their price and credit decisions, ” said Arora, one of the state ’ sulfur leading experts in small business finance. Biz2Credit has been perfecting and optimizing its on-line finance platform since 2007 for over 250,000 little business customers. Biz2X provides this proprietorship engineering to banks so they can make accurate citation decisions in real-time and offer loans to their small clientele clients within a day. “ Our new brand for Biz2X reflects our vision for the business lending industry : bracing and innovation-driven, ” said Vineet Tyagi, Global Chief Technology Officer at Biz2Credit. “ Biz2X is built on a microservices architecture that makes integrations into the rest of the complex fiscal ecosystem fast and easy. It is SOC-2 certified, which means it meets the diligence ’ s highest criterion for security. We have designed the platform to deploy quickly for lenders to respond to marketplace trends, including crises such as the global pandemic. ” To learn more about the Biz2X Platform, travel to

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About Biz2Credit and Biz2X
Biz2Credit was founded in 2007 with one goal : make the clientele finance process knead better for lenders and their customers. Biz2Credit ’ mho deputation is to provide modest businesses with industry-leading financing solutions throughout their lifecycle in a compromising and diaphanous environment. The company offers the Biz2X Platform to banks and early fiscal institutions to allow them to better wangle lend processes and relate risks. For more information about Biz2Credit and Biz2X, visit and contact : John Mooney, Over The Moon PR, ( 908 ) 720-6057, toilet @

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