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The Low Isles
The vacation town of Port Douglas in far north Queensland is one of the best places to access the Great Barrier Reef. good 15 minutes away by boat is the low Isles, where you can snorkel among corals beside the local population of sea turtles. You can visit the Low Isles on a day trip or even a half-day trip with Reef Sprinter if you ’ re short on time .
Green Island
merely a 45-minute catamaran ride from Cairns is green Island – a 6,000-year-old coral key that holds the Great Barrier Reef ’ s lone rain forest, along with over 120 native plant species and colorful coral. An Ocean Free go carries a maximal of good 25 guests and sails to an exclusive mooring. Grab your goggles to see a stun coral garden below the open. Nearby are alone coral cays to be discovered. Hop aboard an Ocean Freedom enlistment to explore Upolu Cay Reef and Outer Edge Upolu Reef. When conditions allow, natural sand banks appear above the water for the ultimate castaway experience. You can visit Green Island on a day slip, or stay nightlong at Green Island Resort.

Michaelmas Cay
just off the seashore of Cairns is Michaelmas Cay, a little sand island lone 360 metres ( 394 yards ) long and 50 metres ( 55 yards ) across-the-board. On a day trip with Ocean Spirit Cruises, you can visit the key to snorkel the surrounding witwatersrand ( which is known for having an abundance of giant clams ) and learn about the 23 species of seabirds that use the island as a habitat during migration .
Heron Island

Heron Island, which is accessible via boat transfer from Gladstone, offers something limited for visitors looking for an amaze snorkelling experience. hera, you can gear up on the beach then walk straight into the ocean to spot bright blue starfish and colossus ocean cucumbers. There ’ randomness nothing to do but relax around here, so you can spend all day floating over the corals if you want. Just remember to come in after sunset to watch turtles nesting on the beach .
Lady Elliot Island

On the southern gratuity of the Great Barrier Reef lies Lady Elliot Island, accessible only by scenic flight from Brisbane, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, or Gold Coast. The island has a first eco resort committed to protecting the surrounding reef environment. Manta rays are a coarse spy around here, then cook to parcel the waters with some aquatic friends .
Moreton Island
The Tangalooma Wrecks at Moreton Island are only an hour away from the city of Brisbane via ferry. This farseeing chain of shipwrecks were measuredly sunk in 1963 to create a safe mooring area for boats, and the wrecks are now a popular snorkelling touch for travellers. You can take a snorkelling tour through Tangalooma Island Resort, or solid swimmers can do a self-guided tour of the wrecks. If you ‘re lucky, you might even see some lionfish or wobbegongs in the area .

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