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The mini panic attack you may experience when you think you ’ re running former is easily the worst contribution of a watch barrage dying. Your timepiece gets stuck where it is, displaying an inaccurate time until it gets fresh office. once you realize what ’ second happened, your next act is to replace the battery arsenic soon as possible .
While some watches have a alone process, you can generally change your Timex watch battery the same manner you would most timepieces. here ’ mho how :
Take it to an expert
If you doubt your ability to change your watch battery, don ’ t concern. There are batch of jewelers who would be happy to replace the cute part for you. Prices for this serve will vary depending on the jewelry maker, so you may want to inquire at several stores before committing. however, once you find a jeweler or watch rectify professional you can trust, we recommend heading back there whenever you need a reliable repair .
Do it yourself
You ’ ll motivation tweezers and a small screwdriver to remove the dead battery and replace it with the new one. Safety note : it is suggested using formative rather than metallic tools to avoid an electrical traumatize. Wearing gloves can besides prevent damage from occurring inside the determine.

once you have the materials, follow these steps to change your watch battery like a professional :

1. Remove the watch back

Most modern watches have snap-off back panels, which have small indentations to help you cautiously pry off the brood. Using a small flathead screwdriver or blade, press down on the indentation and wrench until the covering comes free. If your watch spinal column is secured with screws, use a small screwdriver, such as one designed for eyeglasses, to loosen the screws and remove the cover. Some watch backs have slots large enough to fit the edge of a mint, which you can use to twist off the report .

2. Place the gasket to the side

If you see a rubber closed chain or plastic cover, remove that from the watch casing to reveal the inner workings of the timepiece. Use tweezers or the edge of a tongue if you need help getting a firm bobby pin. Battery Depot recommended cleaning the gasket before you put it rear after changing the barrage .

3. Find and remove the battery

once you see the existing battery, eminence which side is facing upward so you can replicate the placement when you insert the new depart. If there are plastic clips holding the battery in space, use credit card tweezers to lift them. From there, you can use the tweezers to ease the battery out of the watch casing .

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4. Insert the new battery

Use the tweezers to place the new battery in its delegate slot, and gently press down to secure its position .

5. Test your work

Before reattaching the binding cover, cautiously flip the determine over to see if it ’ mho working. If the hands however aren ’ thymine moving, double bridle to make certain you installed the fresh battery correctly. You may have a damaged barrage or defective watch if it still fails to work, so consider taking the timepiece to a jewelry maker or watch repair store for a professional examen .

6. Replace the gasket and watch back

If the battery ’ mho working, perform the first two steps in reverse order to put all the parts rear in place.

With a fresh battery, your lookout will be cook to wear once again. Better still, now that you know how to replace the batteries, you can confidently add more watches to your repertory like our celestial watch collection. Check out the Timex collection to find your future timekeeping companion .

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