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Animal Health and Behavior

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Animal Health & Behavior

Do you love animals and want to turn your passion into a career ? With an Animal Health and Behavior degree, you will learn how animals think, behave, and evolve, and learn what animals need for rehabilitation, caution, and health .

Program Overview

The B.S. in Animal Health and Behavior from Unity college prepares students for careers at menagerie and aquariums, in the veterinary fi elds, as animal wellbeing offi cers, and for a future focused on the care and wellbeing of wild and captive animals around the world. This degree provides students with the essential cognition and professional skills in settings such as veterinarian music degree programs, companion and wild animal care facilities, wildlife rehabilitation, and preserves .

Program Features

+ One-on-one academic and professional advising as our first staff and prepare staff endeavor to make your professional and academic goals a reality .
+ Unity College is an accredit institution by New England Commission of Higher education ( NECHE ) .
+ Experiential Online. Experiential programs are delivered 100 % on-line with fieldwork designed with the working professional in beware .
+ Study when and where you want and finish your degree while still working full-time .
+ Make professional connections with leaders in your playing field .
+ Get job placement assistance. Browse our on-line job board and use loose tools through our career services .
+ Multiple start dates. Begin your program on your time. Choose from eight year-round originate dates .
+ Pursue a concentration in environmental GIS, renewable energy, sustainable business, wildlife ecology, or emergency catastrophe management .
+ Transfer friendly! We will accept up to 90 credits .
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Experiential and Immersive Coursework

Animal Ethogram
In the Animal Ethogram assignment, students are asked to pick an animal they can observe, and make a list of their behaviors. If students don ’ thyroxine have an animal in their local environment that they feel comfortable watch, they have a list of different survive stream from the Zoo to the Smithsonian, where they can choose an animal to observe. Taking the grant far, students develop fact-finding questions that they will analyze through their observations .

Training & Care Handbook
Students are challenged to create a handbook that demonstrates proper techniques for both coach & wish of animals for a made-up organization. This project allows the students to practice their cognition of the coursework they ’ ve learned throughout the term, adenine well as asking them to present best practices in the playing field .

Observation Lab Practical
Professors provide videos of themselves and early experts demonstrating different trail techniques. The students are asked to study the interactions and identify what is going on during the prepare. Being able to observe and accurately assess the trail practices will provide valuable cognition for the students before attempting these practices on their own .

Student Story

Internship at the Plumpton Park Zoo

Brooke interned at the Plumpton Park Zoo in Maryland working with alien animals .
“ The best part of the internships is being able to do them when it is commodious for me. I make my school agenda around when I am able to intern which is amazing. This way I can devote my clock to working with the animals when it is needed for the facility, ” Brooke explains .

Experts in the Field

At Unity College, our staff is comprised of a wide compass of environmental science experts who in addition to teach, conduct their own research and diverse fieldwork .
Kristyn Vitale

Dr. Kristyn Vitale

Assistant Professor in Animal Health and Behavior

Dr. Kristyn Vitale received a Ph.D. in Animal Science with a focus in Experimental Psychology from Oregon State University and a Master ’ s in environmental Science from Miami University. She holds a B.S. in Zoology and a B.A. in Social Geography from Kent State University .
Dr. Vitale studies the shock of human interaction on animal behavior and cognition to find ways to strengthen human-animal relationships and improve animal benefit. One exercise of her stream animal research is the study of the effects of different foster care programs and the effects it has on domestic animals. She is besides working on cross-cultural research ; how the human-cat relationship varies from the USA to Japan .
In accession to animal behavior research, Dr. Vitale besides has know training cats, dogs, and pigs. Her experience with animal train & continued research in the battlefield of animal behavior is valuable to her students as she provides continuous current data and best practices for working in the battlefield .

Dana Kennedy


Dana Kennedy received her B.S. in Zoology from Michigan State University and holds a M.A. in Zoology from Miami University ’ s Global Field Program. She worked as a zookeeper at the North Carolina Zoo for seven years where she excelled at animal train and visitor department of education. Her M.A. work centered around a zookeeper ’ s function in conservation education in relation to human-wildlife conflict. Some of her most memorable discipline moments included team education blank rhinoceros for voluntary artificial insemination, training baboons for ultrasounds and voluntary blood draw, and helping a yield overwhelm both weight issues and stereotyped behaviors through educate and diet changes .
Through her workplace as a graduate student she realized that her true rage lies in education. She began transitioning to the education airfield soon after she graduated, teaching classes for the Global Field Program that centered around conservation, education, and community. As a graduate from an on-line program, she understands the needs of students learning remotely and strives to take the distance out of distance education. Outside of teaching, she focuses much of her time on her two young daughters and enjoys hike and travel .
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Small Class Sizes

At Unity College, we believe our students are not just a number. The rate of small course size affair is precisely vitamin a important to us in our distance education broadcast as it is in traditional classroom settings. We give the benefit of creating tight-knit communities where network can flourish. By keeping our class sizes belittled, our staff can dedicate their time to providing all one-on-one guidance when needed by a scholar .

Degree Requirements and Courses

The animal health and behavior degree requires 120 credits. You may transfer in up to 90 credits from outdoor institutions. For more requirements, browse our degree checklist. View our full class catalogue for a better front into your course of study. then apply on-line for free to get started .
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What students are saying

“ I enjoyed this class and I feel all of the activities we did led me to a better understanding of the behaviors in all unlike animals. ”
“ I found every action to be helpful. I intend to use much of the information that I learned in the future and towards my career. ”
“ This course challenged me through every week. I liked the buildup to the final plan and how the majority of materials we read helped us in each section. ”
“ The discussion boards were identical matter to. This is my beginning time doing an on-line course, so I found the discussions to be helpful in learning the corporeal for the workweek, and they kept me interested and invested in the course. ”
“ The discussion posts and interaction with peers very contributes to the class, and the Prof was identical involved in the discussions making indisputable we were thinking deep into the subjects. ”
Career Outlook

Earn your degree.

Unlock new opportunities.

veterinarian engineer and technician jobs in the U.S., 2018 .
$ 63k
median zoologist pay, 2018 .
19 %
Estimated U.S. job growth for veterinarian technologists and technicians through 2028 .
veterinarian engineer and technician jobs in the U.S., 2018 .
$ 63k
median zoologist give, 2018 .
19 %
Estimated U.S. job growth for veterinary technologists and technicians through 2028 .
* source : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unity College can not guarantee employment. Salary datum represents average earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience .
Careers and Outcomes

Follow your curiosity.

Realize your potential.

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Learn from leaders.

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