Bachelor of Education (Primary)

If you studied vocational education and train, the type of qualification, whether or not you completed it, and if it was graded or competency-based will all be taken into retainer to assess your eligibility for entrance fee. TAFE and private providers, a well as some universities, typically offer Certificate III, IV and Diploma Australian Qualification Framework ( AQF ) awards. Some besides offer Advanced Diploma and Associate Degrees. For entree purposes, and to ensure paleness and foil among applicants with different types of qualifications, all assessable qualifications are converted to a choice rank. choice ranks from different individual qualifications are not combined or added in concert to form a rate. The highest of the two numbers will be the one used to assess your eligibility for entrance fee. different survival ranks are assigned to VET courses with rate assessment and competence based ( ungraded ) judgment. The tables below provide information on how to assess your excerpt social station based on your AQF reservation. many of our students come to us after completing TAFE studies. You can gain guarantee entrance into many of our 2021 undergraduate programs if you have previously completed an accredit Certificate IV, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma at TAFE or another register trail organization ( RTO ). Complete Graded AQF Diploma or AQF Advanced Diploma

Grade Point Average Rank – AQF Diploma Rank – AQF Advanced Diploma
6.5+ 95 96.95
6.25-6.49 93 95.25
6.00-6.24 90 93
5.75-5.99 88 91
5.50-5.74 86 89
5.25-5.49 83 86
5.00-5.24 81 83
4.75-4.99 78 80
4.00-4.74 75 76

Complete and Incomplete Ungraded AQF Diploma or AQF Advanced Diploma

Rank – AQF Advanced Diploma Rank – AQF Diploma
76 75

Complete Graded AQF Certificate III or AQF Certificate IV Please bill : Certificate III qualifications and below are not accepted for the Bachelor of Nursing platform.

Grade Point Average Rank – AQF Certificate III Rank – AQF Certificate IV
6.5+ 78 90
6.25-6.49 78 88
6.00-6.24 77 86
5.75-5.99 76 84
5.50-5.74 75 82
5.25-5.49 73 80
5.00-5.24 71 78
4.75-4.99 69 75
4.00-4.74 67 73

Complete Ungraded AQF Certificate III and AQF Certificate IV

Rank – AQF Certificate III Rank – AQF Certificate IV
67 73

eminence : Incomplete VET studies must be AQF Diploma level or above and more than 0.2 of a full clock time student ( FTE ) to be considered for admission.

It is credibly best to contact our Enquiry Centre on 1300 275 866 to discuss your qualifications and grades. Our team are happy to advise you on your options. Your previous qualifications may besides make you eligible for credit to your degree. This will cut down on your analyze prison term. You can apply for accredit before you start. See our credit page for more information. If you don ’ thyroxine think you will meet the requirements for admission there are early options to get in depending on your situation :

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