19 of the Best Business Card Designs

The business card is n’t dead yet .
a long as there are parties, industry events, and networking opportunities, there will be business cards. And it ‘s important that yours is n’t thrown to the bottom of the throng because of a lackluster plan .
Whether you work at a kingpin means or as a mercenary, your business wag should make a memorable first depression .
To help you out on the inspiration presence, we ‘ve compiled a list of 19 of the best business card designs from agencies, designers, and businesses around the earth. Ranging from artistically elaborate to decidedly simple, these examples are certain to inspire your adjacent clientele card redesign.

19 of the Best Business Card Design Examples

1) Aurora

Featuring a botanical example of tropical blooms and a clean sans-serif font, these clientele cards from Aurora surely make a fashionable inaugural mental picture. The south african studio specializes in capricious artwork and design, so it ‘s fitting that their business cards reflect their unique skill set. The cards were designed in-house and include gold embossed details .
image via Aurora

2) Chomp

In a literal interpretation of the company ‘s name, London-based representation Chomp designed business cards with a bite-size collocate missing from one corner. The shape of the menu lineage mimics the detail of their logo — which besides bears tooth marks .
image via How Design

3) garage culture

If you want your clientele menu to stand out, non-traditional materials will help you do just that. Designed by Rodrigo Cuberas, this bicycle garage clientele circuit board uses cotton newspaper stock as the base for its stunning, simplistic design .
Garage Culture Business Card.jpg
prototype via Behance

4) Matheus Dacosta

brazilian architect Matheus Dacosta puts an aesthetic spin on traditional clientele cards, adding kaleidoscopic, hand-painted designs to every individual card. Each miniature work of art is sure to make a memorable impact — or at the very least, make the recipient role reluctant to just toss it .
Images via Design Milk

5)Trick & Treat

here ‘s a great case of a commercial enterprise that played to its strengths. Trick & Treat — and branded entertainment company — offers one of the most creative clientele cards we ‘ve ever seen. The design transforms into a tabletop game, which aligns perfectly with Trick & Treat ‘s playful post .
trope via Behance

6) Nymbl

Nymbl, a 3D purpose and virtual world studio apartment, wanted to project a more accessible, playful image in their newly marketing materials. To get the occupation done veracious, they turned to UK-based means Big Fan, who spun up a boldface, two-tone business card design concept as part of their new brand. The cards have newspaper cut-outs on royal purple stock .
persona via Big Fan

7) Wendigo

This video recording output agency may get its name from a skittish family creature, but the timbre of their business batting order design is far from terrifying. Designed by the talented folks at The Distillery, these unusual cards put the focus on meticulously detailed, brocaded exemplification : a feather, a piece of wood, and a beastly skull can be seen behind the touch information. A pair of interlocking antlers — presumably from the feared Wendigo itself — form the “ W ” in the agency ‘s name .
trope via The Distillery

8)  Brathw8 Studios

These gold-foiled business cards designed for a professional photographer serve as a great model of how to effectively marry traffic pattern, texture, and simplicity. We particularly love how they cut the traffic pattern in the middle to create a clean canvas for the contact information. tastefully done .
Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 1.14.50 PM.png
image via CardObserver

9) Katsy Garcia

illustrator and graphic architect Katsy Garcia whipped up this childlike but effective business card concept for her own personal stigmatize. rather of displaying her contact information in the common straightforward format, Garcia serves up a fresh writhe, displaying hers in an immediately recognizable text message constitution. The resulting effect is peer parts charming and precipitously clever .
Katsy Garcia
persona via Katsy Garcia ‘s Behance Portfolio

10) Omelet

In a nod to their native L.A., Omelet created occupation cards centered around slick city imagination. The photograph are craftily silhouetted by their company logo — which if you look close, is actually an ambigram .
prototype via Digiday

11) Counter Creatives

Designed to resemble a classical take-a-number ticket, this imaginative business card was devised for Dutch agency Counter Creatives by couturier and artwork director Valery Overhoff. The covenant format and unconventional shape called for a creative use of outer space, and Overhoff manages to feature multiple typefaces and both erect and horizontal textbook .
Counter Creatives
picture via Valery Overhoff ‘s Cargo Collective Portfolio

12) IS Creative Studio

Thanks to airy swipes of neon spray paint, these otherwise minimal business cards from IS creative Studio make a big impact. The Peru-based agency has developed three iterations of these award-winning cards, increasing the breadth and intensity of the color pallette each time. This most holocene translation highlights everything from electric pinks to vibrant greens .
IS Creative StudioIS Creative Studio
Images via IS Creative Studio ‘s Behance Portfolio

13) Confetti Studio

These business cards from Confetti Studio combine two mighty elements — punchy orange circuit board breed and amber embossed metallics — to a create a magnetize and modern effect. One side of the card is completely covered in deluxe speckles, while the other side displays the agency ‘s logo and contact information — besides gilded. They appropriately call the end result “ cardfetti. ”
Confetti Studio
persona via Confetti Studio

14) Tricota

Buenos Aires-based agency Tricota found an interesting way to highlight the two sides of their commercial enterprise : perforated cards that split in one-half. Once english features information for their communications and graphic plan services, while information for their illustration services appear on the other side. Each half includes a variation of their “ T ” logo : a font “ T ” for their communications side and and an hand-drawn “ T ” for their exemplification side .
effigy via Tricota ‘s Behance Portfolio

15) Tait

When this design studio wanted to give their corporate identity a face lift, they turned to fresh card store in yellow, smokey blue, and azure. Using minimal text against a advanced color palette yields sleek results .
image via Tait ‘s Behance Portfolio

16) Claire Bruining

Graphic architect Claire Bruining developed these playful business cards for her own personal brand. Splashes of overlapping patterns and colors appear on one side, and Bruining ‘s contact information appears on the overrule in a cleanse sans serif baptismal font. The dark blue text and bound adds an unexpected pop to the basic layout .
Claire Bruining
image via Claire Bruining ‘s Behance Portfolio

17) Don’t Try Studio

Monge Quentin, the Parisian illustrator behind Do n’t Try Studio, created these bouncy and colorful occupation cards to promote his design bring. Thanks to an emboss proficiency, the confront of the cards are embellished with confetti-like brush strokes and shapes in a hushed orange and blue color outline. His name appears in a handwritten mark .
Don't Try Studio
double via Do n’t Try Studio

18) Bespoke

The logo on these business cards for digital production studio apartment Bespoke is so bombastic, it actually wraps around from the front of the card to the spinal column. A boyfriend New York means — Studio Newwork — designed these cards to be both minimal and unexpected .
image via Studio Newwork

19) Atelier Irradié

At first glance, the face of these Atelier Irradié business cards look like nonnatural semblance swatches. In bare contrast to the metallic, jewel-toned gradient on the front, the back of these cards do n’t even use ink — just childlike, imprinted text displaying their contact information .
Atelier IrradiéAtelier Irradié
prototype via Atelier Irradié ‘s Behance Portfolio

21) Kristin Tora 

Designed by luxury print studio apartment, Elegante Press, these business cards offer an unexpected twist : each one can be painted with watercolors to create a singular

Feature image credit: Atelier Irradié’s Behance Portfolio
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