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UNC Asheville offers an education that is adaptive, low-cost, and endlessly relevant as the alone liberal arts and sciences campus in the University of North Carolina System. Our small classify size, award-winning faculty and a nationally acclaim undergraduate research program foster connections between curiosity and critical think, courage and challenge, resource and impact, opportunity and province. Learning here expands well beyond the classroom walls. Focusing on undergraduate studies, we help students dig into learn, whether they participate in faculty-mentored research projects, undertake career-related internships, study afield, or join serve projects that make a profound impact at home and around the world. About 3,300 undergraduate students and about 330 full- and part-time staff bring the campus alive with a genuine hunger to take on new challenges and opportunities through the more than 30 majors offered. Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in one of America ’ s great small cities, Asheville, North Carolina, UNC Asheville offers an feel where every path leads to a new view, where there ’ s room for every voice, and where the future is a frontier .

UNC Asheville Land Acknowledgment

ᏙᎩᏯᏍᏗ – Togiyasdi, Where They Race

The University of North Carolina Asheville acknowledges, with respect, that the land we are on today is ancestral land of the Anikituwagi, more normally known as the Cherokee. We recognize the Cherokee as the native people and original stewards of this land. To the Anikituwagi,  this land was known as Togiyasdi, Where They Race, and was separate of the Cherokee Nation, Tsalagi Ayeli, which covered adenine many as 108,000 straight miles of the american Southeast angstrom late as 1730 and consisted of sixty or more towns. The stories that come from this down teach how to live, interact and mutually care for all relations.

We, as an institution, understand that there is a motivation to listen and learn from the people of this nation. We acknowledge that an act of recognition is not adequate to overcome the settler-colonial history that has attempted to eradicate autochthonal people from the history and awareness of these lands. The Eastern Band of Cherokee and UNC Asheville search to affirm our work together to ensure a firm relationship rooted in relevance, province, obedience and reciprocality. therefore, as an institution UNC Asheville has a responsibility to commit its efforts and resources to the health and priorities of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the students who attend this university and all the vary autochthonal people who live in and around the lands this university is situated on. As these words are spoken and heard, we renew and reaffirm this campus as Cherokee homelands.

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Read the full moon version of UNC Asheville ’ second Cherokee Land Acknowledgment .

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UNC Asheville is committed to living the values of diversity and inclusion, innovation, and sustainability.
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UNC Asheville is ranked ninth among public liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report.
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With about 3,300 students from 43 states and 17 countries, UNC Asheville is one of the nation’s top public liberal arts universities.
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