Animoto Reimagined: A Faster, Easier, Better Video Creator for Small Businesses

“ For over 13 years, Animoto has paved the way for DIY video selling. As the original innovators in the space, we ‘re constantly looking for the best ways to simplify the exploiter experience. While we know small businesses need television to stand out and connect, they do n’t always have the time, budget, or technical expertness required, ” said Brad Jefferson, CEO & co-founder of Animoto. “ Our finish here was to give little businesses the fastest, easiest path to marketing videos that stand out on key platforms ; to reach their prospects where they are – whether that ‘s Instagram & TikTok or LinkedIn & YouTube. With Animoto 3, we ‘ve done equitable that. ” According to the Social Video Trends : Marketer Insights 2020, video recording is the # 1 way consumers found out about a stigmatize they late purchased from, while 96 % of marketers have placed ad spend on video. For over a ten, Animoto has empowered millions of businesses to achieve their television marketing goals. In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, the acquittance of Animoto 3 levels the play battlefield for little businesses, and provides them with a seamless way to create standout videos .
New features include :

  • Maximized freedom and flexibility
  • Faster, easier video creation
  • Vertical video and one-click aspect ratio switching
  • New styles, layouts and text animations

“ Animoto 3 is much more intuitive. so, it ‘s easy to create videos that are a recognizable region of my sword, but hush look unique and exciting. There ‘s no guess involved, and I can create precisely what I want. Plus the ability to get a batch of videos done quickly is a huge time-saver for my business, ” says Mary Mannix, real estate agent at Mary Mannix Realty.

Another one of the first gear brands to try the redesign video recording builder is Farmer Joe ‘s Gardens, a family-owned grow based in Wallingford, Connecticut. The farm tried Animoto 3 to raise awareness and get more sign ups for their Community Supported Agriculture ( CSA ) offer. Within minutes, the brand created a thumb-stopping upright video recording using one of Animoto ‘s newly-added couturier themes. With one-click export capability, they shared their video recording on Instagram without leaving the Animoto platform. The Instagram Stories ad drove a reelect on investment 87 times greater than their average revert, landing them an increase of 20 sales in one week. “ In 2020, we ‘ve seen how promptly the needs of modest businesses change. Animoto 3 is designed with the flexibility and initiation to adapt and evolve with that changing landscape. Our head-to-toe product pass is about working aboard belittled businesses to support their needs, ” said Jason Hsiao, VP of Marketing, and co-founder of Animoto. “ Each one of the newly features, templates, and editing capabilities now available is a solution of conduct feedback from our customers. We ‘re thrilled to be able to give our customers precisely what they asked for, and then some. “ Animoto ‘s fresh product is rid to use forever, with an choice to upgrade to paid versions. For a wax tilt of newly added features and price options, chew the fat Animoto. About Animoto:

Animoto ‘s award-winning on-line television manufacturer makes it comfortable for anyone to drag and drop their way to powerful and professional commercialize video. The company ‘s attest partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the Small Business Administration give it alone insight into the changing social media and business landscape, which may be why more than 1 million businesses around the global have used Animoto to create commercialize videos that stand out on social media and beyond. Founded in 2006, Animoto has offices in New York City and San Francisco. For more information, chew the fat hypertext transfer protocol : // Animoto is a register brand of Animoto Inc. other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Public Relations Contact Jessica Rozario-Ospino

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