How to change the keyboard language on Android

It ‘s useful to know how to change the keyboard speech on an Android device, specially if you speak multiple languages or if you merely want to in full customize your on-screen remark method. Say what you like about Android, but its customization options are precisely what sets its devices apart from Apple. Thanks to its customizable interface, not only can you customize your keyboard to be more generative with the help of writing-assistant apps such as Grammarly Keyboard, but you can besides download assorted themes to make your keyboard fit your style excessively. so if you ‘ve found yourself on this page in need of guidance on how to change the keyboard terminology on an Android device, we ‘ve got you covered. Below, we ‘ve included a bit-by-bit steer on the whole process, including customizing your keyboard and adding more languages to your apparatus.

One thing to keep in heed, however, is that every Android device is unlike, so the steps may differ depending on the model, brand and year of dismissal. For our purposes, we ‘re using a Samsung A20e. now, let ‘s get started, shall we ?

How to change the keyboard language on Android: Add more languages

1. First, open the Settings app on your Android call or tablet. How to change the keyboard on an Android: adding more languages ( image credit : Samsung ) 2. Swipe devour and select the “General management” option as shown below. On non-Samsung phones, you ‘ll need to tap “System” alternatively. ( prototype credit : Samsung ) 3. future, tap “Samsung Keyboard settings” to open a new menu. If you do n’t see this option, because you ‘re using another cause of telephone, do n’t worry : just skip to the adjacent step. ( image citation : Samsung ) 4. Go ahead and select the “Languages and types” option, as shown in the screenshot below. This may be called “Languages & input” on your device. ( picture credit : Samsung ) 5. future, tap “Manage input languages” or “Add a language,” depending on your device. ( image credit : Samsung ) 6. You should immediately be able to view “ Downloaded languages ” deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as “ available languages. ” In the latter class, scroll down and select the language that you ‘d like to add, then tap the download icon to proceed. The newly added lyric should now appear in the “ Downloaded languages ” section. ( image credit : Samsung ) 7. All done ! When typing on a Samsung telephone, you can now switch between your downloaded languages just by swiping the Space key from left to right. On other Android phones, touch and hold the Space key. If that does n’t work, press the comma key (,) to open Settings and choose another lyric. ( image credit : Samsung )

How to change the keyboard language on Android: Install a different keyboard

1. loose the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet.

( double credit : Samsung ) 2. Once the app has launched, type “keyboard” in the search bar. Feel free to select any of the listed apps below, depending on your customization needs and preferences. In this exemplify, we chose Google ‘s Gboard keyboard app, which supports a variety show of languages. ( image credit : Samsung ) 3. once you ‘ve selected the new keyboard app, go ahead and tap “Install.” ( image citation : Samsung ) 4. Once the app has installed, tap “Open” to launch it. ( prototype credit : Samsung ) 5. a soon as the keyboard app launches, it should ask you to go to the Settings menu in order to enable it. The app should transfer you to the command section right away, so there ‘s no need to close it and do so manually. ( effigy credit : Samsung ) 6. Under the “ Manage keyboards” section, you should be able to view your active keyboards a well as the one that you ‘ve good installed. Go ahead and switch it on by toggling the slider. ( prototype credit : Samsung ) 7. Your android device may now warn you that the selected input method may “ collect all text you type, including personal data such as passwords and credit batting order numbers. ” If you wish to proceed, go ahead and tap “OK.” ( trope credit : Samsung ) 8. You should now be transferred back to the keyboard app of your choice. It may ask you to tap “Done” to finalize the process. ( image credit : Samsung ) 9. Voilà, all done ! now open a chat app such as WhatsApp or Messenger and you ‘ll be able to type on your newly installed keyboard in whatever lyric you want. In this example, we can distinctly see handy fresh features including Google Translate for easily translating languages on the fly, arsenic well as a GIF and Stickers menu.

And if you downloaded a keyboard that features a newfangled design, congratulations ! You can immediately show it off to whoever sits next to you on public transport. ( trope credit rating : Samsung )

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