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Height 7-18 inches
Weight 5-25 pounds
Lifespan 14-16 years
Colors Pink and gray, pink and gold, pink and red, pink and black
Suitable for Apartment dwellers, those looking for a dog that hardly sheds
Temperament Intelligent, curious, feisty, co-dependent, goofy

If you love the estimate of having a frank that cuddles up following to you, livens up your life, and completely lights up every clock time you enter the room, but you don ’ thyroxine like the theme of having all your gorge constantly coated in fur, then the American Hairless Terrier may just be the perfect puppy for you .
These dogs make fantastic pets, as they have all the advantages of any canine companion. however, their hairless appearance makes them easy to care for — up to a point, anyhow .
These dogs aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wide known, as they ’ re not a popular breed. If you ’ ra concerned in learning more about these unique even amazing dogs, just read on .

American Hairless Terrier Puppies — Before You Buy






many people have never even encountered a hairless frump, much less owned one. If you ’ re a novitiate when it comes to caring for a bald pooch, you should understand that while they ’ re even a dog, there are a few things that you ’ ll have to deal with that you may not be used to .
One of the biggest is having to purchase — and put on — clothes for your pawl. These animals do not do well in harsh climates, so they ’ ll need coats in winter and something to protect their sensitive skin from the sun ’ mho rays in the summer .
besides, for some reason, many people expect hairless dogs to be less energetic than their floofy counterparts. That may be true for some breeds, but it ’ s surely not the case with the american english Hairless Terrier .
These are energetic dogs, and while they ’ ra capital for apartment dwellers, you ’ ll still need to ensure that they get batch of physical and genial stimulation every day .
If you want something a bite different from the standard Labrador or Golden Retriever, adopting an american Hairless Terrier is a capital way to stand out while still getting the typical “ frank ” experience. however, don ’ thyroxine expect it to be a walk in the ballpark ( but do expect to provide many walks in the park ) .

What ’ s the Price of American Hairless Terrier Puppies ?

It ’ s not slowly to find a breeder who specializes in raising american english Hairless Terriers. The fact of the matter is that despite all the complaining about shedding and grooming, most people even prefer a cad with a thick, bushy coat .
hairless Terriers are out there, though, and if you can find one, you can probably expect to pay somewhere between $ 800 and $ 1,500 for a thoroughbred puppy. That act can go up significantly if you ’ re paying for premium bloodlines, but there are precious few of those out there .
You may need to travel to get your pooch, though, as there may not be a breeder in your area. locomotion expenses could boost your borrowing costs significantly, then keep that in mind before pulling the trigger on buying one .
Be careful whom you do occupation with, however, as you don ’ thymine want to support a puppy mill or backyard breeder. not only do these places treat their animals dreadfully, much abusing them and forcing them to live in their own dirt, but that mistreatment increases the odds that the chase will have behavioral problems as a consequence .
besides, you may be able to save money ( and a life ) by finding one of these dogs at a shelter or rescue group. They ’ rhenium not superintendent common, so it may take time and attempt, but it will be well spend if everything works out .
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3 little-known Facts About american english Hairless Terrier


They Are ( Almost ) Indistinguishable From Rat Terriers

As it turns out, the American Hairless Terrier and the Rat Terrier are about completely indistinguishable, save for one major difference : that the American Hairless lacks a coating. They still have a potent prey drive, although due to their hairless nature, they ’ rhenium not suitable for hunting or ratting purposes .


Despite What You Might Have Heard, These Dogs Are not Hypoallergenic

many people think that chase fur or dander is what causes allergies, but that ’ s actually not true. They ’ re caused by a protein found in the chase ’ s urine or saliva, so while a non-shedding engender will keep your house clean, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate check you from sneezing .
The fact is, there are no hypoallergenic dog breeds, so you ’ re precisely ampere probable to react ill to an american Hairless Terrier as you are to a St. Bernard .


They ’ re Highly Susceptible to Sunburn

Everyone knows that you need to wrap up a hairless andiron in a perspirer before you take them out in the bitter cold, but many people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate realize that dogs can get sunburned, lapp as people. It doesn ’ t normally happen, though, as their thick coats prevent the sun ’ second rays from reaching their skin .
Hairless breeds obviously wear ’ t have that kind of protection. As a result, you ’ ll indigence to be careful about leaving your frank outside besides long ; if they merely must stay outdoors, give them batch of tad and consider dressing them in something lightweight that breathes well .

Temperament & Intelligence of the American Hairless Terrier

The american Hairless Terrier is basically a carbon transcript of the Rat Terrier, and that cognition should inform most of your ideas about this breed .
They ’ rhenium apt dogs, as most hunting dogs have to be healthy to get the drop on their prey. american english Hairless Terriers rarely actually hunt, though, so their brightness comes out in unlike ways — like figuring out how to circumvent your “ no dogs on the couch ” rule .
They can be quite boisterous as well, for better and for worse. They love to play and snuggle with their humans, but they besides need batch of exercise, or else their boisterousness can turn destructive .
These dogs besides often fail to understand that they ’ re small. This can make them excellent guard dogs, but it can besides get them in trouble if they try to assert their authority over a larger animal .
For the most separate, though, these are sweetly dogs that love to be the center of care. Most of their minus quirks can be ironed out with a healthy venereal disease of train and socialization .

Are These Dogs Good for Families ? 👪

These pups can be excellent kin pets. Their belittled size makes them great playmates for little ones, and they love to cuddle arsenic much as they enjoy tearing around the park.

You ’ ll likely want to enlist the unharmed family in tuckering them out, though, as their high energy levels can be tiresome for a unmarried person .
You besides need to be careful not to let them become besides impound to a individual member of the family, as they ’ ll decidedly play favorites if allowed to. This won ’ t necessarily resultant role in aggression, but it could mean that they start ignoring any commands that come from person other than their choose person .
Despite their generally amiable disposition, you should never leave your children unattended near one of these dogs ( or any other frump, for that matter ). It ’ mho frequently believed that smaller dogs can ’ t do any very damage, but while they ’ re improbable to kill person, they ’ re still quite capable of mauling them .
These dogs are evenly well-suited for an apartment or house, but careless of where you live, you should expect to provide them with batch of exert to keep them well-behaved .

Does This Breed Get Along With other Pets ?

American Hairless Terriers much get along with other dogs, but you can ’ t good throw them in with another pup and expect things to go smoothly .
rather, lento acclimate them to one another, preferably in a place that acts as impersonal anchor to both. Be insomniac for any signs of aggression, and don ’ thymine allow displays of authority, which will likely come from the American Hairless Terrier, as these pups have a piece of a Napoleon Complex .
adenine far as other pets like cats are concerned, it ’ s by and large not a good estimate to mix them with these dogs. While they may no long be used for hunting purposes, the prey drive is hush impregnable inside them, and they ’ ll probably terrorize smaller pets at every opportunity .
Every andiron is an individual, of course, and you may luck out with an american Hairless Terrier that loves cats, gerbils, and freedom. We wouldn ’ t bank on it, though, and we surely wouldn ’ triiodothyronine bet your other favored ’ randomness life sentence on it .

Things to Know When Owning an american Hairless Terrier

While they may not look like any other frank that you ’ ve ever owned, American Hairless Terriers likely have quite a bit in common with them. They ’ re not a wholly different species, after all — good a dog with no hair .
still, it ’ second worth learning all you can about the engender before you bring one home. With that in thinker, this information should tell you most of what you need to know about raising one of these pooches .

Food and Diet Requirements 🦴

hairless Terriers are small dogs, and as such, their diets should be restricted consequently. You don ’ t want your pup to become corpulent, as that leads to a variety of debilitating health issues. It ’ s absolutely all-important that you practice rigid dowry dominance with your pooch .
That said, these are active dogs, and they need enough of fuel to stay that means. We recommend feeding them a high-protein diet, as that will help build lean brawn while besides giving them the durable energy that they need to run around all day .
not all protein is created equal, though. many low-rent andiron foods use something called “ animal by-products, ” which are basically the decayed and discarded cuts of meat that can ’ thymine be sold on their own merits. You don ’ thymine want your cad eat that trash, so hop any food that lists them among the ingredients .
You should besides be leery of brassy fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. These have little nutritional value and will add to your chase ’ randomness waist .
alternatively, look for high-quality fruits and veggies, like broccoli, blueberries, spinach, etc. As a general convention, if it ’ s good for you, it ’ ll credibly be good for your frump equally well .

Exercise  🐕

Your american english Hairless Terrier will need a big distribute of daily practice. These dogs can turn destructive if they don ’ t have a healthy release for their department of energy. They need to run around or dig or chase something every day, and if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, your shoes will probably pay the price .
The good news is that it doesn ’ t take much encouragement to get these dogs to burn off their overindulgence energy. They love to run, and a least sandpiper at your local frump park should leave them completely gassed .
Failing that, an energetic, hour-long walk should do the trick. You can besides challenge them mentally with extensive train sessions or games of fetch or hide-and-seek .
Their intelligent and energetic nature besides makes them a natural for canine competitions like agility trials, if you want to actually put your pooch to the trial .

Training  🎾

Training an american Hairless Terrier can be a sting of an gamble. These dogs are bright, so they ’ ll promptly pick up on what you want them to do, but they besides have an mugwump mottle that is liable to rear its head at an inopportune moment .
They besides love to test their owners to see how a lot they can get away with. It ’ second essential to use a tauten however gentle pass when training them, as they ’ ll walk all over you if given the opportunity .
That doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean you should punish or mistreat them, though. When faced with punitive measures, these dogs normally become heavy or rebellious rather than obedient .
Their intelligence besides makes them illiberal of the same-old, same-old. You ’ ll motivation to vary your train routines regularly, or else they ’ ll beginning to tune you out or worse, decide to amuse themselves by pushing your buttons .
If you don ’ thymine feel up to the job of training one of these dogs, don ’ metric ton hesitate to hire a professional to do it for you. It ’ randomness much better to have person else take over than to let your puppy become accustomed to being ill-mannered .

Grooming  ✂️

As you might expect, grooming is one sphere in which these dogs truly shine. Owning an american Hairless Terrier will save you tons of dog-brushing time. You besides won ’ t have to spend a belittled luck on lint rollers or dedicate hours a week to vacuum after them .
The flick side to this can be summed up in one word : sunscreen. They ’ ll need appropriate protection from the sunlight ’ second rays when venturing out into the day, and in the winter, they ’ ll need to be bundled up like a small child .
beyond that, you ’ ll want to brush their teeth daily, clean their ears with a damp fabric every workweek, and bathe them when they become visibly dirty .

Health and Conditions  🏥

American Hairless Terriers are a reasonably goodly breed, provided that they ’ ra well-cared for, of course. If you allow your pup to become corpulent or bake in the sun, you ’ ll be setting them up for easily evitable health conditions down the wrinkle .
That ’ s not to say that these pooches don ’ t have their fair share of health issues, though. In detail, you should be on the lookout for the follow .
minor Conditions

  • Deafness

  • Demodicosis

  • Patellar luxation

  • Skin allergies

serious Conditions

  • Hyperthyroidism

  • Skin cancer

  • Cushing’s disease

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease


male five. female

Males and females of this breed are typically fairly alike. As is common in most breeds, however, males might be a morsel bigger when amply grown, whereas females tend to mature more quickly .
By and large, though, the differences between the two genders are insidious, so you ’ ll likely be thrilled with whichever arouse you bring base .

Final Thoughts

Adopting a bald chase might be something that you never thought you ’ five hundred do, but you should decidedly give the American Hairless Terrier a second attend ( and possibly a third base and a fourth, as they ’ rhenium quite something to behold ). These are big dogs, lack of hair notwithstanding.

That said, they ’ re not for everybody. They can be extremely energetic and have a bite of a rebellious streak, so they may not be ideal for first-time owners .
If you can keep up with them, though, you ’ ll have a short hairless cuddlebug that will absolutely light up your life. Just make sure that sparkle isn ’ t besides bright, though — these dogs have sensitive skin, after all .
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