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The Handmade Quarterly Newsletter is our manner of communicating important updates with every manufacturer in our Community. The Handmade Team is here to support and help you best train for the vacation season that ’ s coming our way !
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Important Tips, Announcements, & Reminders
Upgrade your Seller Central Account to a Professional Selling Plan
Are you a Handmade seller with an Individual Selling Account? If the answer is yes, then upgrade to a Professional Selling plan now ! The £25 monthly fee is waived for approved Handmade sellers.
If your account remains on an Individual Selling Plan, Handmade listings will fail to go live, and features including your Maker Store, promotions, inventory feeds, spreadsheets, and other benefits will not be available .
Required Fields: Bullet Points & Search Terms
Based on a 2018 study of 2,000 US Sellers, about 75 % of shoppers start their Amazon denounce journey using the research bar. Search Terms and Bullet Points are key catalog attributes that play a critical role in search relevancy and Customer experience, which is why they ’ ll become required fields on all new listings beginning September 27, 2021.
Over the class of the future couple of months, we are adding generic Search Terms to any listings that do not presently have any identified. You can verify whether search Terms have been added by navigating to the Keywords check for each of your listings. Of course, you can replace or add search Terms we have added with ones of your own.

Required field: Price Per Unit (PPU)
Products sold by weight or volume in our Beauty & Grooming and Pet Supplies categories are required to specify a Price Per Unit (PPU) to deliver an accurate and coherent experience. Entries for Unit Count and Unit Count Type are presently found in the More Details yellow journalism when creating a new list or editing an existing one. Those fields will migrate to the Vital Info pill on September 21 where PPU is presently required by law in the EU ( United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France ). Sellers in NA ( United States, Canada, and Mexico ) will be required by Amazon to supply this information beginning September 27. Amazon will begin enforcement of these requirements beginning October 27 .
Mandatory field: Country of Origin
Country of Origin (COO) for your products will be mandatory after August 22, 2021. After this date, you will be ineffective to create new listings without selecting your intersection ’ randomness COO information from the drop-down menu or to edit existing listings until COO information has been provided. If one or more of your items are made in multiple unlike countries, the COO is the area or territory where they were last substantially worked or processed .
This transfer is meant to improve the quality and consistency of Amazon listings and to ensure that FBA Export orders continue to be sent across the edge smoothly .
Videos on Handmade Detail Pages for Desktop
Handmade Sellers immediately have the ability to upload short videos to detail pages, which will appear on your detail page next to the images. Videos are a big way to educate Customers about your detail or brand. Please refer to this Seller Central avail article for more details on how to upload videos .

White Background on MAIN image are required across Amazon
Listings with missing MAIN images or failure to meet visualize guidelines past the June 30, 2021 deadline may result in the suppression of your ASIN from search results. White Backgrounds improve merchandise discoverability, provides the customer a better denounce experience, and aids in buying decision !
In addition to your independent image, we recommend 3-6 alternative, life style images per list. Customers consider extra images as a key factor in their leverage decisiveness .
-The Handmade Team

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