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Guide To The Top Portland Maine Breweries

Portlanders couldn ’ thyroxine keep this secret if they wanted to. The bible is out that Maine ’ second largest city is besides the hub of one of the trade brew industry ’ s most fecund regions. In a relatively curtly meter, the act of craft beer producers in Southern Maine, and the demands of their production, have grown by leaps and bounds. The unique nature of the brews are second-to-none, impressing even the most season connoisseurs – but the stories and passion behind the sphere ’ s top contributors are a genuine celebration of the heart and soul of Maine itself.

In a rush and want to see our favorites ? The best portland, Maine breweries according to our local experts include :

  • Allagash Brewery  
  • Bissell Brothers  
  • Rising Tide Brewing Company  
  • Foundation Brewing Company  
  • Lone Pine Brewing Company  
  • Maine Brew Bus

Read on for full details and our notes about each of these amaze breweries in Portland !

No visit to the Portland area is complete without paying tribute to the booming craft beverage diligence, and we ’ rhenium felicitous to parcel our front-runner hot spots with you .

Allagash Brewery

50 Industrial Way, Portland, ME 04103· ( 207 ) 878-5385

Reading: Guide To The Best Portland Maine Breweries – Legacy Properties

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Hours: Sunday 11:00 ante meridiem – 5:00 post meridiem, Monday – Wednesday 11:00 ante meridiem – 6:00 post meridiem, Thursday 11:00 ante meridiem – 8:00 post meridiem, Friday – Saturday 11:00 ante meridiem – 7:00 p.m .
Founded in Portland, Maine, by Rob Tod, Allagash Brewing Company is a Belgian-style brewery with a reputation deoxyadenosine monophosphate legendary as its brew. A winner of the Prestigious James Beard award, Allagash Brewery represents some of the best that Portland has to offer .
bumpkinly interior decoration and friendly faces set the pace for a traditional New England know where everyone feels at ease, and the taps are always flowing .
The first beer produced at Allagash remains its most popular seller to-date. Allagash White is one of nine year-round beers in Allagash ‘s illustrious portfolio, along with numerous limited-editions, award-winning sour, and nine “ Coolship ” beers, which are crafted using a traditional spontaneous zymosis method made celebrated in Belgium, before a 1-3 year aging process .
Since its afford in 1995, Allagash has grown to become one of the 50 largest trade breweries in the state. USA Today readers awarded Allagash the respect of being the eighth best brewery tour in the U.S., and the best in New England. So, pull up a stool and stay a while to experience Maine ‘s worst keep secret for yourself. Keep an eye out for special events at the brewery, including trivium and lotto nights, and the Yoga in the Brewhouse Series !
Allagash offers guided tours daily, adenine well as a barroom and endow shop class. Check out Bite Into Maine, serving up signature lobster rolls and more on the brewery patio for the arrant complement to your Allagash brew .
Best Brews: Allagash White, Allagash Curieux

Bissell Brothers

4 Thompsons Point, Suite 108, Portland, ME 04102 · ( 207 ) 808-8258
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Hours : Sunday 12:00 post meridiem – 6 :00 post meridiem, Monday – Wednesday 2:00 post meridiem – 8:00 post meridiem, Thursday – Friday 12:00 post meridiem – 8:00 post meridiem, Saturday 11:00 ante meridiem – 8:00 p.m .
Founded in Portland in 2013, Bissell Brothers quickly gained enough momentum to justify opening a second facility in the brothers ‘ hometown of Milo, Maine. The flagship brewery much sees fans of the singular Bissell flavors lining up for hours in prediction of limited can releases. With ever-increasing production striving to meet reproducible demand, Bissell Brothers is Maine ‘s sixth-largest brewery by bulk .
Hazy, hop-centric IPAs are the Bissell Brothers touch style – as rich in spirit and concept as the aesthetic of the brewery itself. The vibrant, industrial-chic barroom and hit artistic designs of the coveted cans reiterate the originality behind the trade name. A Maine staple, Bissell Brothers beers are only available in the submit .
While flights are not an option at Bissell Brothers, half-pours are – a great way to extend your sampling stamina ! food trucks frequently service the area arsenic well, giving you a immediate smack into other local cuisine .
Best Brews: The Substance Ale, Swish, Baby Genius Ale

Rising Tide Brewing Company

103 Fox Street, Portland, ME 04101 · ( 207 ) 370-2337
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Hours : Sunday – Wednesday 12:00 post meridiem – 7:00 post meridiem, Thursday – Saturday 12:00 post meridiem – 9:00 post meridiem ,
Rising Tide is a family-owned brewery in the East Bayside sphere of Portland. Founded by husband and wife team, Nathan and Heather Sanborn in 2010, Rising Tide is a authoritative darling, with a longevity that speaks to its appeal .
Specializing in small-batch, handmade ales, Rising Tide is a headmaster of the art. With boldface, creative flavors derived from fresh, homegrown ingredients, Rising Tide affirms a commitment to quality, community, and New England culture in every batch brewed .
Tour the production facility to marvel at the Rising Tide process of creating malt-heavy, unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beers, sampling from a rotation of year-round and seasonal favorites that embody the flavor of the area ‘s outdoor nature.

Offering both indoor and outdoor induct, in the roomy, aeriform taste room and seasonal worker mariner patio, Rising Tide is near the Eastern Promenade and its entrance views of Casco Bay. With live music, on-site food trucks, and the ideal location, the atmosphere bolsters the product .
Best Brews: Zephyr, Maine Island Trail Ale

Foundation Brewing Company

1 Industrial Way, Suite 5, Portland, ME 04103 · ( 207 ) 370-8187
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Hours : Sunday 12:00 post meridiem – 5:00 post meridiem, Monday 12:00 post meridiem – 7:00 post meridiem, Tuesday CLOSED ,
Wednesday – Saturday : 12:00 post meridiem – 7:00 p.m .
Crafting a survival of ales, porters, and lagers, Foundation Brewing is an independent artisanal brewery based in Portland. Opened in 2014 by Founders Christie and Joel Mahaffey and John and Tina Bonney, Foundation Brewing uses “ authoritative styles as the divine guidance for brewing exciting beers that push conventional boundaries ”. It ‘s this nod to originality and a pledge to friendly service that makes the venue a misprint foundation in New England ‘s booming craft beer industry .
Foundation ‘s focus on delivering a diverse align of innovative, small-batch brews promotes their finish toward consistent quality in service and intersection. Foundation ‘s core product tune is comprised of rich full-bodied flavors inspired by piquant fruits, roasted coffees, and earthen harvests. Limited, and aged cellar varieties provide even broader spectrums of tasteful blends .
The Foundation Tasting Room is the place to be for friendly banter, cool brews, and your choice of snacks and entrees from a rotating roll of first food trucks parked barely outside .
Best Brews: Epiphany, Afterglow

Lone Pine Brewing Company

219 Anderson Street, Portland, ME 04101 · ( 207 ) 468-4554
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Hours : Monday – Wednesday 2:00 post meridiem – 8:00 post meridiem, Thursday – Saturday 12:00 post meridiem – 9:00 post meridiem ,
Sunday 12:00 post meridiem – 8:00 p.m .
Tom Madden and John Paul launched Lone Pine Brewing Company in 2016 with all hopes pinned on their flagship propose, Portland Pale Ale. With just one label in production for the first six months, in a five-barrel brewhouse, Lone Pine fast became a rival on the craft beer lap due chiefly to its remarkable consistency in relish and quality .
now boasting a second location and an assortment of brews, Lone Pine is easily the least ostentatious brewery in Portland. formidable flavors with a distinctly bitter crisp define the beloved Lone Pine brews that find loyalists from Maine and beyond lining up for limited releases of storied IPAs like Tessellation that supplement the year-round favorites .
The beer is good but the people that brew it are adept. When combined with the low-key taste room and reliable roundup of food trucks, you have the picture-perfect environment to sip, bite, and kick spinal column like the local you wish you were !
Best Brews: Portland Pale Ale, Brightside IPA, Tessellation Double IPA.

Maine Brew Bus – Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tours

79 commercial St, Portland, ME 04101 · ( 207 ) 200-9111
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Hours : Tour schedules vary

The sky ‘s the specify when you hop aboard The Maine Brew Bus. Maine ‘s original Brew Bus has been offering Brewery Tours in Portland and beyond since 2012, fast becoming a local anesthetic favored, and now standing as the top-ranked New England Brewery Tour on TripAdvisor. Why stop at one location when the Brew Bus stops at them all ?
barely about anyone can benefit from a tease on The Maine Brew Bus. It ‘s a combination of culture, history, diligence, and of run – libations. With knowledgeable guides leading the way through Maine ‘s burgeon craft beer scene, visitors are introduced to the people and brews that put Portland on the beverage map. Spotlighting the top breweries, distilleries, and wineries, all Brew Bus tours include a nosh or meal at a local restaurant, trivium, sub-rosa experiences, and a chance to sample the city ’ s finest ales, lagers, ciders, meads, and more .
Owners, Zach and Allison Poole and their give team of drivers and guides offer more than a simple sample service without the worries of parking, safety, and seafaring. They provide a uniquely Maine experience with a dab of cognition and the opportunity to cultivate memories with friends old and newly. More than a twelve local brewers participate in The Maine Brew Bus tours, with an range of brews to please any palate .

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