How can I make images clickable links?

Making your images clickable can add extra functionality to your projects or pages in EnagagementHQ. By doing this you will be able to direct your community to extra pieces of information to help inform them about your undertaking goals. There are two independent ways to make images clickable in EnagagementHQ.

  1. Use the text editor program and the insert double icon .
  2. Use HTML Code in in the code view

Deciding on which choice to choose will depend on where you are trying to make your images clickable. For the best depart however, there are very few differences between the two methods, except one requires you to understand basic HTML syntax and the other merely generates it for you .

Using the Text editor

In order to use the text editor to make your images clickable you need to do the postdate ;

  • Click in the description area of your project page
  • Use the prototype icon to insert your image
  • Click on the picture, and in the options, click on ‘Insert link ‘ .
  • Add the URL of where you would like the persona to link to and choose the option to open in a new yellow journalism if required .

Using HTML Code

Adding HTML code to your projects is another way to make images clickable. In order to do this you will need to understand basic syntax. You can use HTML anywhere you can switch to code horizon including ;

Before you can insert a clickable prototype using HTML you will need to ensure that your trope is already available on-line as you will need to copy the trope URL. This can be either in your photograph veranda or an external locate. If it is in the photograph veranda, please refer to this article on how to obtain the correct picture localization. To add a clickable double using HTML you can use the follow code :

insert description here

Replace the text in the quotation marks as below:

  • insert destination URL here : replace this with the actual link, where you want to direct your visitors to when they click on the trope .
  • insert image location here : replace this with the placement of the image you want to make clickable ( therefore ‘ img src ’. src stands for source ) .
  • insert title: this is for approachability – for e.g. people who use screen readers, hence we recommend ampere good practice to give the image a title .
  • insert description here : replace this with an alternate description. This is besides important for approachability reasons as above .

imitate and glue this code, after clicking on the <> icon in the editor.   Please find details of the diverse file types that are compatible with EnagagementHQ here.
NOTE – You besides have the option of using a customs doodad to create clickable images as described in detail in the article Using a custom-made doodad to display clickable images. Contact our support team if you need any further aid via old world chat or email support @

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