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The objective of the train at Richmond Strikers South ADP is to provide our youngest players with an environment that promotes learning, creative think, problem resolution, skill development, and a love for the crippled. The course of study is designed to be age appropriate and to teach the fundamentals of the game in a small-sided environment .
The ADP Program is the transition between the diversion and travel soccer levels within the Richmond Strikers South .
The program offers a youth soccer environment that will improve not entirely their skills, but their approach to the crippled equally well. The ADP Program is a year long developmental program : fall Season ( late-August to mid-november ) ; Winter Futsal ( mid-December-February is optional and will be an extra cost ) ; Spring Season ( early on March to mid-may ) .
“ The social organization for our ADP benefits all the players ” added Youth Development Director, Erwan Le Crom. “ The format allows us to continually focus on skill development and getting all the players as many meaningful touches on the ball as possible. sometimes in traditional formats, competition revolves around records, wins/losses, teams, and league games. We like to make practices and games competitive by challenging the players to combine with teammates, judge moves, express themselves, experiment in a concern free environment and work together with and without the musket ball. ”

ADP Director
Chris Maimone : USSF B License Candidate, Former College Player at VCU, NPSL Player, Travel and High School experience .
Pricing for Fall and Spring (Full Year Program)
U6 ( 2016/2017 ) : $ 200 * 2 ( per season ) = $ 400 ( for hang and give )
U8 ( 2014/2015 ) : $ 525 ( for fall and form )

Winter Futsal Season is Optional. information will be provided during the Fall regarding Winter Futsal .
Why Join ADP?
The Methodology: View the Methodology Here
The Oversight: ADP has a Director and Assistant Director who oversee all functions and set program coach standards
Coaching Staff: ADP use paid and licensed coaches who are focused on individual player development
The Fields: ADP training and matches are held at Iron Bridge Park ( Fall 2021 )
The Plan: Our coach goals and priorities are distinctly defined for parents, with ongoing steering throughout the season
The Outcome: ADP prepares players for school and travel soccer

Age Groups

U6: 2016 and 2017 Players – All players are placed into a “ pond ” for train and matches
U8: 2014 and 2015 Boys and Girls – Players are separated into specific trail groups

Who Should Consider Joining ADP?
Players who enjoy playing soccer, and who pursue opportunities to play more soccer at home
Players who like coming to practice and who get excited about playing their games each workweek
Players who excel in their recreational games in any phase of bet ( defending, scoring goals, attacking 1v1, etc. )
Players who might be concerned in school or travel soccer ( or syndicate members who think they might become interested )

The Schedule
Training Sessions – 5:30 to 6:45pm at Iron Bridge Park – Field # 15
U6: Monday Training, Wednesday Skills Training and Matches ( Weekends Free )

U8: Monday and Wednesday Training, Friday Night Matches

Online Registration Instructions for SportsConnect:

Please read all instructions below prior to registering your son or daughter !

  • After clicking the link above you will enter your Sports Connect username and password, or make a new account if this is your first Strikers South registration
  • You will be taken to your account home page.  In the upper right hand of the page – click on the “REGISTER NOW!” Button
  • Select the program you are registering for and answer the questions.  (If you are registering more than one child, most of the answers will self-populate for any additional children you are registering)
  • Once you’ve answered all the questions you will see the Order Summary for review, and you will then be directed to the CheckOut page to complete your order 
  • All payments must be made by credit or debit card

I f you have any questions about registration please email or call 804-271-2714

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