The complex of 5-star TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach is a simile of a new architectural symbol of the city, featured with the 42-floor building in front of Nguyen Hue Street – the most bustling area of Quy Nhon City, where several important administrative agencies are located, perfect transport infrastructure is arranged which is easy to connect to popular tourist sites.
Quy Nhon's tallest building complex has the scale of 2,600m2, 42 floors on the surface and 1 basement, 328 five-star international standard hotel rooms, 740 Condotels in which there are 56 units are committed to rent by the Owner.
The project is a harmony of an internal facility system rated 5-star standard in the region which deserves to live most; everything the customer needs is ready to deliver great experiences with a 3-floor trade center, where located high class facilities from buffet restaurants, cafes, swimming pool, modern gym-fitness-spa, fascinating kid-zone, business center, kindergarten, SCOTS International English School and High-quality Clinics, etc. meet the needs of the citizens and contribute to attract traveller to Quy Nhon as well.
The project design is close to the nature, over 70% of apartments have ocean view, open spaces, allowing the owner to live in the nature inclusively, inhaling fresh air of the nature, the ocean, feeling that the bustling life become spirited away to the offshore waves.
It is the highest building project in Quy Nhon city, the 5-star TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach are designed by a leading US architectural firm - CallisonRTKL – the top 8 firm, ensure to introduce customers to a living space and classy resort, optimizing utility and functions, improving business value for investors.
When possessing an apartment in TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach, customers will be granted red book and certificate of long-term ownership. The owners of the apartment have ownership rights for resort and use it as a real estate for lease and they are entitled to all the utilities of a 5-star resort project.

Information of the Project
- Name of the Project: Complex of 5-star TMS Hotel Quy Nhon Beach
- Location: 28 Nguyen Hue - Quy Nhon City – Binh Dinh Province
- Land area: 2,600 m2
- Scale of work: 42 floors & 1 basement
- Owner: TMS Corporation
- Design Consultant: CallisonRTKL (USA)
- Type of product: 5-star Hotel and Condotel
- Structure of product: 1-bedroom – 2-bedroom unit (area of 45-71m2)

Project distributors:

VJ Homes: 097.380.8822
Khang Homes: 0931.012.789
Xuân Lộc: 089.666.8668
ANZ Homes: 0948.645.465
Lộc Sơn Hà Land: 098.283.6469
Hải phát Land: 02566 512 888