Gym – Fitness

In a large space updated with modern and spacious design style, invested with international standard imported equipment, training programs are designed to be creative to suit the needs and the state of each individual. Gym – Fitness: In a large space updated with modern and spacious design style, invested with international standard imported equipment, training programs are designed to be creative to suit the needs and the state of each individual.In this place, each member can feel comfortable and private thanks to practicing areas and services that are individually but seamlessly arranged to make your travel and practice more convenient.


A fresh, spacious and serenity spa provides guests with a good sense of physical and mental relaxation as soon as taking the first steps to the door. Besides the modern technologies, clients are encouraged to apply a therapy based on their own emotion and physics to awaken the inner senses or release bad energies in the body, to recover positive energy as well as bring calm, relaxing feeling.It is a place where you can completely release your concern, worries, and daily fatigue for enjoying the best moment that you deserve.

Swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool in TMS Luxury Hotel & Residence Quy Nhon contributes to your luxurious, convenient and perfect life for citizens and travellers as well.Swimming pool is designed based on studies of customer age and demand to divide the area appropriately, ensuring maximum relaxation, entertainment and safety.With clean water and high-tech filtration system, the swimming pool is cared in accordance with 5-star standard, friendly to environment, indoor swimming pool is a good place for customers to indulge in swimming enthusiasts whether the weather is good or not.


It worth the name "childhood paradise", the Kid-zone at TMS Luxury Hotel & Residence Quy Nhon is an entertainment creation that is large-scale invested with a variety of entertainment games, creative thinking, etc. divided by interest, age and gender. All activities are guaranteed to provide little customers with fun, movement, entertainment, physical and intellectual training and safety definitely as well. All games and programs are guided and supervised by our professional staff.

Classy restaurant

A luxurious buffet restaurant is located on the second floor and a classy restaurant on the 41st floor involved in the Night Club, Cigar Lounge, Wine Lounge, offering first-class service for the first time in Quy Nhon.There are hundreds of delicacies are processed delicate, changing day by day, fresh ingredients that make up the perfection of each dish, moreover, customers enjoy luxurious or romantic space on the top floor of the building, totally satisfied with classy menu that unites the world’s magnificent culinary and made by the top chef.

Sky Bar

On the 41st floor of the highest building project TP. Quy Nhon, there is a stylish, unique Sky Bar where is an ideal place to watch the horizon, feel the endlessness of the sea, enjoy a romantic evening and the entire city in one view all of sudden. The space is invested and decorated impressively, beautifully combined with lively sound, attractive and rich drinks, making the Sky Bar become the funniest and ideal entertainment place in Quy Nhon. 

SCOTS International English School

SCOTS is a member of Scots English College (Australia) - one of the top 5 English language schools in Sydney where contains the entire system of knowledge and teaching experience in International English latest and best,  particularly for IELTS preparation and General English (communicative English) is organized for the first time in Quy Nhon. With a solid foundation, SCOTS International English School has a mission of supporting Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh citizens with the fastest and most effective international English language training.

High-quality General Clinic

It is a high quality, large-scale, comfortable and classy general clinic, together with a team of highly qualified professionals and excellent services, contributes to improving the quality of life as well as helping local people to have a chance to experience international-quality educational services and comprehensive health care.